2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0L from North America


A blast to drive with top and doors off


Absolutely nothing has gone wrong. Recall on ignition switch (if it gets wet from the top being off, it could have had problems). Mine was fine, even after being doused in rain a few times, but replaced it anyhow.

General Comments:

After reading reviews on other cars having MULTIPLE problems, my Jeep has been running flawlessly. Granted it may not be as sophisticated as some, but it still has electronic warning devices... beeps when you leave your headlights on, parking brake on, etc. Honestly, I've never had a single issue with it, not even a "Check engine light." It's a fun ride. Not one I'd want to drive across the country, road noise is a bit high, even in the hard top/steel doors. After six years of ownership, I still look forward to driving it. It's a keeper, my 8 yr. old son will be driving it when he is old enough.

After owning an '83 CJ7, the '02 Wrangler is just as capable if not more so offroad than the previous CJ versions, and has many more creature comforts and design improvements. Power steering, brakes, tilt, cruise, A/C, cd player, rear wiper/defroster, and a bullet proof perfectly matched inline 6 cylinder fuel injected engine.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2007

2002 Jeep Wrangler x 4.0 liter from North America


Fun, but poor quality, big time money-pit


Soft top zippers started breaking off at 50K.

One head lamp needs regular replacement.

A/C does not work anymore--next on the "fix list."

Leak in fuel line--in the shop overnight for this, yet again!

Spark plugs needed replacing twice in the last year.

New set of shocks at 53K.

Rear end alignment at 53K.

Brakes gave out at 53K.

What next?

General Comments:

I will never own another Jeep vehicle after all the things that have started to go wrong with it.

Yes, I know it's not a Honda or Toyota, but I shouldn't be having all these problems at 54,000 miles and change. All other vehicles I've owned went over 100K before needing this sort of work.

Jeeps are fun--no doubt about it. Just be sure you've got lots of money to spend on maintenance and repairs!

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2007

2002 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4.0L I-6 from North America


Disappointed in the 2002. I'll miss the uniqueness of driving a Wrangler, but it's time for a change


1. Both sway links keep busting on ordinary dirt roads. So unacceptable!

2. Water consistently pools up on front door mats during hard rain. Don't know where it comes from. 1995 Jeep did the same thing.

3. Spent $1500 at the dealership trying to solve a intermittent "no start" problem. After a new fuel pump, they finally found it was a bad injector, not the pump. Still my cost to bear.

4. Paint on door latches, rear window hinges, side door mirrors, are all pealing.

5. Drivers side door latch broke. Don't know how it happened. Just stopped working.

6. Typical Jeep Wrangler body rust surfacing at all weld joints.

General Comments:

1. This 2002 Wrangler is not as good as my 1995. After 113,000 miles on the '95 I only had to replace the exhaust manifold.

2. When Jeep made the Wrangler "plush" they should have solved the body rust issue. This is just plain unacceptable.

3. I drive well graded dirt roads and can't understand why the sway links are breaking. Isn't this an "all terrain vehicle"?

4. Transmission is extremely noisy. Returned to dealership after 120 miles because I thought something was wrong. I was told that's just how they sound now. My '95 sounded much much better.

5. Ergonomics with the steering wheel is uncomfortable. If I want arm length, I push the seat back, but then I can't reach the gas pedal. Again, '95 was much better.

6. Brought the 2002 after having my 1995 for six years because I wanted the plush interior. All in all, I've been disappointed in this vehicle. I do have to give them HUGE kudos on the dual top. It's easy to switch out and the soft tops been pretty durable.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2005

6th Jun 2006, 17:11

Your vehicle displays all the properties of one that may be a "salvage" vehicle and you don't know it. Have you researched the history of your unit. A 2002 Wrangler with serious rust problems and the sway bar characteristics you describe is almost unheard of. I agree, something doesn't smell right, but you're barking up the wrong tree. Did you buy this from a reputable dealer or a private party? Check out your state's lemon law...

6th Jun 2006, 21:52

If you don't like the ergonomics then you should have noticed this when you sat in it as you bought it. To complain about those sorts of things now is just stupid.

7th Jun 2006, 08:36

I guess that your definition of "plush" is different than mine. I've owned many Wranglers, and none of them have had "plush" interiors, not even my '03 Sahara. Spartan would be more of an accurate description.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Jeeps. They're just not "plush", and by the way, you will not be happy with an Escape, after owning 2 real 4x4s. They are built so flimsy & cheap. Just look at the suspension components compared to your Jeeps.

12th May 2007, 01:20

Mine is rusty too. Mostly at the windshield hinges and door hinges. Not to mention the dealer touchup paint isn't even close so I can't touch up rockchips.

30th May 2008, 12:51

My 2003 Wrangler X also has a driver side door latch issue. Sometimes it "sticks" and takes a good pull to open. However, despite little things like that (and paint chippage) I enjoy my Wrangler. Perhaps the greatest thing is the timeless design of the vehicle. Old car models (Ford Taurus as an example) where as Jeeps simply do not. Take any CJ, YJ or even TJ and it looks great! Enjoy it for what it is rather than what it is not.