2003 Jeep Wrangler 6 cylinder from North America


Don't buy one


Leaks inside, radiator leaks outside, seats tearing, plastic trim inside and outside totally faded, paint peeling, wipers not working, fan only works on two speeds, warning lights come on, trys to stall at idle.

General Comments:

What a piece of junk.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2006

15th Mar 2010, 14:47

I think you got what is referred to as a lemon car, because most of the reviews on here state it is a very good vehicle aside from the stock tires being a joke. Most are happy that there is no distributor -- who wouldn't be happy over that :)

15th Mar 2010, 16:42

I'm confused about this review & the previous comment.

Yes, Wranglers are decent little 4x4s, although the Chrysler designed models are more civilized for the road, they are a far cry from the durable & reliable AMC designed models.

I've owned both, and far prefer the older AMC designed models. If I had to take a Chrysler designed Wrangler, I would take a TJ with the 4.0 liter inline six, over the JK with the 3.8 V6.

2003 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0 from North America


We liked it so much we bought two!


The front bumper did not hold up too well against a round cement light post, but the dealership fixed it back to new in a very short time.

Other than this we have had no problems with this jeep. We love it so much we went out and bought a 2004!

General Comments:

Twice the power and reliability of my old 89'.

Plenty of power!

Rides great!

Could use more leg room.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2004

2003 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4.0L from North America


This is a great rugged vehicle with a family of other owners to feel inviting


So far, the only issue I have had with this Wrangler is a rattle from the clutch pedal. The pedal arm has some lateral movement that makes a rather loud knock sound while driving on a rough surface, i.e. gravel road, off-road, etc.

General Comments:

Before purchasing the 2003 Rubicon, I test drove 3 different new 2004 models; a SE 4-cylinder, a Sport with the automatic & manual transmission, both with 6-cylinder engines. This led me to choose a 6-cylinder.

When comparing the options of the Sport model and what aftermarket improvements I intended or dreamed of adding, the Rubicon seemed to be the best choice to purchase.

Handles incredibly well in corners for a SUV.

The Rubicon does run out of gears before it runs out of power. I noticed that at freeway speeds the RPM's are high and negatively affect mileage at speeds greater than 65 mph.

The instrument cluster, console, and dashboard offer great ergonomics, although all took some getting used to after having the immense interior space of a full-size bronco.

Looking forward to trying to get stuck off-road, as long as I don't do any damage.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2004

27th Dec 2004, 18:18

I also have a Rubicon and the reason yours seems to run out of gears on the highway is the low axle ratios of 4.1. It causes it to wind up a little more than your standard Wrangler. It does work great when you combine it with the transfer case 4.1 for a crawl ratio of around 66/1 (don't quote me on that number). Happy wheeling. RCK

29th Jan 2006, 16:27

I'm considering the same choice--the 6-cylinder 6-speed Rubicon because of the off-road capability, or the 4-cylinder 6-speed SE because of the better gas mileage. What were your impressions of the 4-cylinder manual? Also, isn't it true that the 2003 Rubicon is significantly different from the 2005 Rubicon, in that it does not have 4.10 gears, and does not have front (or rear?) air lockers? Did the 2003 Rubicon have only the 5-speed manual rather than the 6-speed available?

12th Mar 2006, 15:31

I also own a 2003 Rubicon. To my knowledge, it has 4.10 gears and lockers FRONT and REAR. It's been a great vehicle so far, 36k miles and no mechanical problems at all.

The only manual gearbox available was the 5-spd. I see a tranny swap in my future:)