2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Inline 6 from North America




Upon purchasing the vehicle there were several from-the-factory imperfections, such as scratches on the leather steering wheel, strange paint bumps near the bottom of the vehicle, and cuts in the foam padding from the bars.

The passenger seat belt retention mechanism broke from the inside within 14k miles.

The power steering cable came completely undone, leaking transmission fluid all over my garage floor.

1st Gear occasionally would pop out of gear and slap me in the hand. It seemed as if it wasn't grabbing the stick.

This problem should not occur on a brand new vehicle! No wonder American cars manufacturers are losing so much money!

General Comments:

Gas mileage is way worse than the window sticker says. Real world gas consumption is probably around 12 MPG. Pathetic. The Hummer H3 gets better mileage than that.

The Unlimited Wrangler is nice inside with plenty of space. The motor is powerful and the transmission typically shifts well. 4WD is awesome.

Having a convertible SUV is very fun, especially in the summer/spring.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2007

12th Feb 2007, 11:13

You've got to realize that a new vehicle will not get the specified gas mileage until it's broken in.

7th May 2007, 19:01

Back in March, I had a new 2006 Wrangler for about 15 hours... I was looking forward to it for years. After showing it to my sister and friend, I was heading home on the freeway, going about 60 mph, and had to slam on my brakes for a car driving way to slowly and without enough lighting to see it.

My Wrangler did a 540 degree turn in the right lane of I-20, leaving me at a dead stop facing oncoming traffic. Luckily there was light traffic at that time of night, or I probably wouldn't be writing this.

I couldn't get past this and took it back to the dealership. I may try again someday.