13th Oct 2008, 20:08

The tires shouldn't need to have been rotated before you bought it if it only had 1,600 miles on it when you got it.

I would check the alignment, if you haven't already.

14th Oct 2008, 19:55

I bought it used with about 14,000 miles on it. I assumed (incorrectly) that the dealership that sold it to me would have rotated the tires. I was tipped off that they hadn't by how stuck the wheel was to the brake rotor. Also a Jeep mechanic told me that he didn't think they had ever been rotated. I had driven about 1600 more miles by then (14,000 + 1600 = 15,600 miles before first rotation!). So for now I'm guessing that the problem is a rotation rather than alignment issue. We'll see. Thanks for the input.

15th Oct 2008, 14:07

I should have read the review more carefully.

Certainly the tires should have been rotated by the original owner.

Yes, it could be a rotation issue, but it never hurts to check the alignment - good tires for Jeeps are not cheap.

I'm running Bridgestone Dueler Revos and they have been the best tires I've run on any of my Jeeps.

Great traction wet or dry, fantastic in the snow and pretty quiet - they weren't inexpensive to say the least, but a vast improvement over the stock tires.

17th Oct 2008, 19:56

Are you running the passenger ones or the LTs? I had them on a Toyota Tundra (passenger tires) for a while and thought they were a decent tire.

18th Oct 2008, 07:25

I'm running the Dueler A/T Revos and they are excellent year round on the Wrangler.

I've owned 3 Wranglers, and have found that these tires are far quieter and offer better traction (wet, dry, and in snow) than the stock O.E.M. tires that came on all of my Jeeps.

19th Oct 2008, 20:05

The Dueler A/T Revo comes in two flavors: Passenger or Light truck. The way to tell the difference is to look on the tire where the size is. If the size is preceded by a "P" it's a passenger tire. If it is preceded by an "LT" it's a light truck tire (more plies, heavier duty, better on rocks, rougher riding, deeper tread). Most Jeeps have LTs on them. I'm just wondering because how they ride and wear depends at least in part upon the type of tire that it is. Sorry for the tutorial if you already know this stuff. I guess I wasn't clear in my earlier question. I agree. The Revo is earning praise from many quarters. I liked the ones I had. Bigger question... what Jeep do you drive? Do you like it?

20th Oct 2008, 08:08

I'm running 31" LT's on my 1995 Wrangler 4.0 Liter, 5 speed.

I don't like my Wrangler - I love it!

I did a ground up restoration on it 3 years ago, and it is in absolute showroom condition.

Actually, I think in many ways it is better than when it was new because I added a host upgrades such as a 1 1/2" lift, six speaker sound bar & upgraded stereo, and lots of stainless steel (bumpers, bumperettes, grille etc.)

That is one of the great things about the Jeep Wrangler, there are so many things you can do to customize, upgrade & individualize to your likes and needs.

21st Oct 2008, 20:02

Amen!! Sounds awesome.

23rd Nov 2008, 08:51

So far--so good. The Jeep has been perfectly reliable except for the very occasional steering clunkiness.

I'll be installing a lift soon. I'm just planning on a 2.5" lift and 33s or 34s. I like a taller, narrower tire because of the advantages in the rocks for that kind of setup. I wish someone made a 35x11.5 17. That tire would be perfect for my Jeep. But in lieu of that, BFG Mud Terrain 255 80 17s are the way I'll probably go when my tires are shot. Toyo makes an Open Country 285 75 17 that works out to 34". Nice setup but each tire is $330. Ouch! Probably an excellent tire though.

Still getting about 17mpg for day-to-day driving. 55mph driving is where this Jeep really gets good mileage (21-23mpg). Faster or slower and it starts to suffer.

What an animal off road!! I've gone wheeling several times since my last post. Jeeps rock. 10 minutes off-road and I'm grinning from ear to ear. In fact a friend with his 05 LJ Rubicon and I are going on a trail ride today. :)

I'll keep up to date on any problems as the miles rack up. Thankfully my JK doesn't leak with either top. I've heard that leaks are a problem with the Freedom Top and some with the soft top. My hard top doesn't even leak in high pressure car washes.

I've thought about getting a Mygig. Anyone install one? Problems?

See you on the trail.

14th Dec 2008, 08:07

I installed a 2.5" Budget Boost so I could easily get a bit more breakover angle. Nice thing about a BB on a JK is that the suspension arms are long enough that even a 3" lift doesn't require a long arm kit. I wasn't disappointed; the lift hasn't hurt the on-road ride and allows for better approach, departure, and breakover angles. The steering feels just a tiny bit more "wandery." Not at all bad, just enough to require attentive driving.

Off road the extra height is a nice addition. Jeep did a good job reshaping the skid plates on the JKs but its better to keep them off terra firma. When the original tires (32" BFG Mud Terrain) are worn out, I'm planning on 33"-34" tires to replace them. That will give me 11"- 11.5" running ground clearance as measured at the pumpkin.

In the future I'm planning to go to a 3" coil lift so I can get 35" tires under there. For now, though, this is all the lift my wife will allow because of the step-in height.

The Jeep is still trouble free, and still getting +/-17mpg in day-to-day driving. Of course, winter will probably drop those numbers a little bit.

By the way, while I'm on the subject, it looks like the original tires will go 40000-45000 miles. That isn't bad when you consider the type of tire and the fact that the 1st owner failed to rotate them. I've heard that 50000 miles isn't abnormal for these; on a mud tire, that is amazing. Jeep specified a harder rubber compound for the stock tire than the normal BFG MT so they would wear better. I haven't noticed any problems off road with that compromise. In fact they grip all the terrains I've thrown at them with a tenacity that I've never seen before in a tire.

18th Dec 2008, 09:29

I should add that I've put on 6000 trouble-free miles since we purchased the Jeep. I've read that others have had issues with teething problems on the new JKs but so far I'm thinking that Chrysler has them mostly worked out (crossed fingers). I checked and the recalls that afflicted the JKs early on were all performed on my Jeep. Also I had an alignment done because its recommended after a lift, and the "wandery" feeling in the steering disappeared. So its all good at this point.

22nd Feb 2009, 08:29

Now I've been out snow-wheeling a number of times. The consistency of the snow makes a HUGE difference in how easily you can drive through it (OK, so maybe a snowmobile would be nice sometimes) but I've never gotten stuck. Because of the brake-lock diffs, shifting into full-locked mode is a surprisingly minor change. That system is going to be excellent in the rocks.

I've had no problems with the Jeep. It runs smooth and strong. It now has almost 22,000 miles on it. I hope this continues...