22nd Nov 2012, 00:32

Just over 10 000 Kms now. I am still extremely pleased with this car, although a problem has manifested itself. 4th gear kept popping out (was using correct shifting methods), so I brought it to the dealer. A service bulletin was out, which stated that the transmission shift boot has to be replaced for a different model. The change was done and covered by warranty, but still the problem continued. My dealer took apart the transmission and did something (haven't gotten the work invoice back yet) that greatly lessened the problem. They contacted Chrysler and am currently waiting for a response. Other owners on various forums have had the same problem, and some dealers have even gone so far as giving them a brand new transmission. Apparently this problem is not affecting the 2012s built later on in the year, nor the 2013s. I have learned to live with it (holding shifter down while letting the clutch out completely) so it only pops out once in a blue moon.

Regardless, this is still an awesome little vehicle, and I continue to be very impressed with its road manners, especially on the highway. It's a little tank in the snow as well; just a little frisky on ice due to the short wheelbase! The reliability of the other parts is still spot on (only 10 000 Kms). Still highly recommended!

1st Apr 2013, 10:17

Having a new Sport model nearly identical to yours other than with an automatic transmission, my review would be nearly an exact copy of yours. For the most part those who buy a new Wrangler know what they are getting, and have the understanding that it is a unique vehicle for special purposes, and not the refined highway SUV that certain automotive publications try to compare it with.

15th May 2013, 01:32

Original reviewer here, you hit the nail on the head! I see far too many lease returns (mostly 4 doors); people buy/lease them because they look cool, but after a while grow tired of the rugged nature of the vehicle.

I do a lot of outdoor activities, which often require driving in rough terrain as well as the occasional off-road excursion just for the fun of it. I know my Wrangler will always be a trusty companion that is up for the job, and when all is said and done, it is a surprisingly competent daily driver. Cheers!

20th Jan 2014, 17:10

Original reviewer.

After 40000 km I got rid of the car. The transmission was crumbling (4th gear kept popping out as usual) and other gears began making more noise than usual. The Jeep itself began rusting heavily underneath, I wish photos could be inserted (even with meticulous washing).

The heater core clogged at 38000 km, leaving me excruciatingly cold while driving over 250 km; outside temperature was -41 degrees Celsius... if it wasn't for stops in every town for a warm drink, this car would have killed me. I went to the Chrysler dealer (for the thousandth time) and they flushed the radiator (which shouldn't be clogged at 40000!!). There are reports on the forums (a great resource nonetheless) that casting sand was improperly removed from the radiator during manufacturing, causing these types of problems (should make for fun times down the road).

In addition, the cruise control buttons worked with a mind of their own (engaging from time to time, however I never had a problem with disengagement thankfully).

To top it all off, a little plastic trim piece on the bottom of the shifter fell off; it can be snapped back into place, but won't stay there for long.

All in all, this car has made a fool of a Jeep loyalist. My 02 Grand Cherokee is still happily running after over 320000 km... I guess they don't make them like they used to. This also goes to show that you should be careful when buying a NEW car; it can be as big a gamble as buying a used one, as my experience has shown. I went to great lengths to ensure this car would last for a long time... she didn't. I wish we had a lemon law.

30th Apr 2014, 14:57

To the original owner: Read all your posts and felt your pain with your last entry.

I'm an original owner of a 04 Jeep Liberty that is still going strong. I think I'm one of the lucky ones from what I've read about Libertys.

Wish I could say I'd buy another Jeep, but it seems the quality is just no longer there... and don't get me started on the Liberty exploding gas tank issue.

3rd Sep 2015, 12:31

Excellent review! Very detailed & thorough. Just the info I was looking for as I contemplate dropping $24k on a nice used 2012 Wrangler. Thank you!