2nd Jul 2002, 12:48

Man, how exactly have you been driving that thing? I've had my 1998 Wrangler SE since it was brand spanking new and I've had no problems what so ever with it. Regular oil changes and a replacement fan belt tension regulator (due to a minor collision) is all I have experienced. As for the rear corners of the convertible top... are you attempting to tuck in the larger clear plastic panels or just the smaller black ones? The black ones are the ones to tuck in... the larger clear panels go over top of the edging to direct excess water. Sorry to hear you've had such a lousy experience... I love my jeep!

4th Sep 2002, 21:28

Steven, I bought my Jeep new also, mine only has 53k on it. Yes I have taken it off road several times. (it's a jeep your supposed too.) Every one I know that has the 97, 98, 99, Wrangler has replaced the exhaust front to back. Especially the sport with the 6cyl. the excuse is the heat?!?! I'm not buying it. I have had front end parts pretty much fall off. I have had half of it painted due to surface rust (under warranty) (you can't wash under the paint???) I love my Jeep and I have wanted one since I was a little boy. I have test driven the new ones and I won't buy another. They should say GM for (Genuine Mexican) You won't have to worry about it too much longer the Germans are going to bail on Chrysler and take the Jeep to Europe. Enough of my soap box. just wanted to let you know you're not alone. Joel.

21st Oct 2002, 16:54

This is really weird. Some people I've spoke to have driven their Wrangler's hundreds of thousands of miles without a problem while some have had problems every few thousand miles.

My wife has a 98 Wrangler which we purchased new. It has just turned 40,000 miles and so far the clutch plate has collapsed, the catalytic converter has been replaced because it began rattling, the serpentine belt has been replaced twice and the fuel pump was the latest fiasco. We also have a problem with the gauges going out inexplicably and coming back on when they feel like it.

My wife drives this thing maybe 10 miles a day and it's rarely been off road. I make sure regular maintenance is done every 3 months (because it rarely reaches 3000 the 3000 mile interval), yet we have these problems. I don't understand these things.

23rd Oct 2002, 01:36

I posted about my 99 Jeep Sport (accidentally entered it as a 98) and I gotta tell ya, there are just no issues with this thing man! I have hit some CRATERS (I live in NY) and it just eats'em up. I think what these Jeep owners with problems are experiencing is just a bad Jeep, but its not indicative of the make. Hell, Jeep Wranglers have one of the longest histories of ANY vehicle, and if the military uses it, its good enough for me. I mean, even if you had a problem with one, would you say a Hummer is a bad truck? I think not. So every once in a while the factory puts out a lemon - it happens. Jeep Wranglers are still the perfect vehicle, summer, winter, city, suburbs, male, female (women actually look more attractive in one)

A VERY happy 1999 Wrangler sport owner.

30th Oct 2002, 20:41

What in the world? My husband is a devoted Jeep Man and you would not believe some of the things his Jeeps have been through, (rivers, rocky cliffs, muddy water up past the doors, etc.). Still, the only problem we have ever had out of the things was a consistent transfer case leak (because it was rear-ended).

I love my '98 Wrangler. It has 52,000 miles on it and the only maintenance required so far has been the recommended oil and filter changes, along with a new set of tires.

I hope you don't take this one bad experience to develop an opinion on all Jeep products before comparing other experiences with your own. The good and the bad!!

Keep researching and happy trailing! Surfer Jeep Girl.

29th Dec 2002, 07:36

My wife and I own a 2000 Sahara, and are getting rid of it. Yes, it is a fun vehicle to drive, and the four wheel drive has performed 2nd to none when we've used it. Of course it is a gas hog, but we knew that when we purchased the in-line 6. But we have had a many of mechanical problems.

1) 3 real end seals.. Leaked throwing fluid onto exhaust causing it to be burned.

2) Rear end main seal of Motor leaks oil

3) Several check engine light incidents

4) Complete vehicle shutdown at 6000 miles (crack-case sensor)

5) A really bad popping noise that comes from the rear axle. They still don't know what is causing this.

6) Screws falling out of dash and doors.

Let me set the record straight on this jeep. It is not abused, gets its regular maintenance schedule, garage kept, a to and from work vehicle on paved city streets. I do believe that we just got a bad one from the factory. But it is to the point that as my spouse's vehicle, it cannot be trusted as a reliable vehicle, and will be replaced. I really do enjoy it when it is functioning properly. But dealing with Jeep on getting this thing repaired has been a nightmare. In conclusion to add to complaints, they have got to have some of the worst mechanics and customer service that I have ever seen in auto makers.


9th Jan 2003, 22:48

I just bought a 1998 jeep wrangler 4.0L auto and this thing is just falling apart. I do not recommend that anyone buy one of the new Jeeps. I have owned about 7 fords and I can wait to get back to that quality. I am going to trade my Jeep in as soon as possible. The Jeep is very fun to drive when it is running, but Chrysler just makes a miserable product I have owned 3 and had tons of problems with there vehicel's.

21st Jan 2003, 10:31

This morning I was slightly ticked to find out my "98 SE needs a new radiator. It's only has 40,000 miles on it. on top of that, the garage also told me the power steering reservoir is leaking. About $800 to remedy. At first I thought I was one of the unlucky few who's car was built on Christmas eve. Then I stumbled upon your site and found that almost every mechanical problem other owners listed on their '98 wranglers matched my list. Instrument panel. Steering dampener. Clutch. Surface rust. Even a front drive shaft. It's a fun car, but would I ever buy another Chrysler product? No thanks.

29th Jan 2003, 10:43

I also have a 41,000 mile 98 SE and have had many of the same problems listed by others on this site: Instrument panel losing power, loose steering (constantly leans left even after alignment), and most recently a cracked radiator and serpentine belt replacement. I also had a bad piston about (10,000 miles) which needed to be replaced. I have not had problems with Jeep's repair people. Both problems I have had that were under warranty (instrument panel and engine) were fixed quickly and correctly. I was a bit ticked about the radiator, but it is the first major thing I have had to replace other than the front brakes (at 22,500 miles!).

I love my Jeep and can't wait until it's paid for in September. It needs a little body work from minor side fender benders, but other than that, it has aged very well for a 5 year old car. I've taken it off road onto the beaches of NC and thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't see myself buying another soon, but I also don't see myself getting rid of this one.