15th Apr 2010, 01:10

I am a current owner of a 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ, and I have been having some problems with it since it was given to me.

First it wouldn't start; that problem was the spark plugs, then it started leaking air from the exhaust manifold. The air is escaping from the connection of the block and the manifold. Any tips on how to repair it? A lot of exhaust is going into the cab.

15th Apr 2010, 16:50

There is a gasket between the exhaust manifold and the engine block. If exhaust is leaking from there, replace the gasket.

6th May 2010, 03:19

98 Wrangler worst vehicle I have ever owned. 69K on it and I am on the 2nd radiator, replaced the exhaust manifold, water pump, clutch, A/C compressor, brakes twice.

Fun to drive and great here in Arizona, but not worth the time and money.

Yes I do all the regular maintenance, and no it does not go off road.

6th May 2010, 06:43

I've owned 3 Wranglers; two 1995 YJs and a 2003 TJ Sahara (which I purchased brand new). Although I have enjoyed them all, I much prefer the old school YJs.

I still own a 1995 YJ, and it has been one of the most reliable vehicles I've ever owned.

14th May 2010, 10:59

It's bumpy, it's noisy, it's cold in the winter. The steering wheel shakes, the soft-top leaks, the gas mileage is average at best, and there is not a lot of trunk space...

It gets me thru 16 inches of snow, thru mud puddles that eat other trucks, and it has never, not once, failed to get me to my destination. Doors off, top down, most fun I've had on the road in the summer.

If you want a Mercedes, buy a Mercedes. If you want a capable SUV that you can throw anything at, buy a JEEP WRANGLER.

1998 Wrangler Sport, 108,500 miles, LOVE IT!

8th Jul 2010, 01:12

I own 2 98 Wrangler Saharas, and a 2001 Wrangler Sport. Both the 98's had issues with the dash lights/ speedometer cutting out. The first cost almost 400 bucks to fix at the dealer, and when the second happened, it took less than 20 (for the repair manual) It seems the contacts on the plug for the dash cluster get corroded; a little filing on the contacts cures the issue.

Both also received wet carpeting after a rain, and the fix for that was to remove the hood cowling, (remove the wiper arms first) then run a coathanger down in to the drainage hole. I swear when it finally unplugged, it looked like I had 5 gallons of water come out.

There is a multitude of how to videos on DIY repairs to the most common Jeep issues on the web. Using the videos, I have done a simple alignment on all 3 Jeeps myself.

9th Jul 2010, 12:43

I have a 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport, bought it Sept 1999.

I had an issue with the water pump at 37K miles; I replaced it myself. I later had the rear engine mount loosen at about 50K miles.

The turn signal switch had to be replaced twice since new; when I hit the brakes, the turn signal indicator would light on the dash and stay on until I tapped brakes again. The turn signal switch fixed it for a few months.

The blower motor burns out the dash speed switch. I have replaced the blower motor three times in 180K miles.

Dana 35 has been to Moab Utah three times, no issues.

I have the NV3550 manual transmission, and it pops out of first a lot. Learned to down shift to first before stopping, and it does not happen. So more of a trick than a fix.

I love my JEEP. Phoenix, AZ.