21st Jul 2008, 14:50

Hi, I have a 98 Jeep YJ 4.0 L 5 speed, and have owned a wide variety of vehicles in the past.

But I have to say that no matter what it costs to keep it on the road, I will gladly pay. It is the best all around vehicle I have ever owned.

The only one I can bury in the mud so deep you can't see out the windshield, pull it out and run it down the interstate.

Of course there will be issues, but if you know how to drive and you know how to fix it, you should buy one, and learn how to wade in the mud (my favorite part).

All vehicles have their little quirks, but when you pull up to the light with the top off, everybody looks, all the ladies want to go mudding, and all the guys wish they had a JEEP!!!

29th Aug 2008, 10:44

As is the case with all who posted comments, I too have worked on my 89 Wrangler Sahara quite a bit (just bought it a month ago). It's almost therapy to work on it though. My wife doesn't mind a bit. She didn't want me to get a motorcycle, so a Jeep was an acceptable substitute. Quite honestly, I believe the Jeep to be more FUN than a motorcycle. JEEPS RULE!!!


13th Nov 2008, 13:15

Wow, am I the only one with a reliable Wrangler? I've had my 89 Wrangler with 4 cyl engine for about 10 years or so. It's my only car and gets me to work every day. It has about 160K miles. I've fixed routine things over the years, brakes, vacuum lines, etc. The only big thing I did was repace the clutch and rear main seal about 6 years ago. It leaks oil but runs great and is very reliable. I do all my own car work and it's a really fun car to work on.


14th Nov 2008, 14:44

Nope, you're not the only one with a reliable Wrangler, Brad.

My 1995 Wrangler Sport (4.0 liter six, 5 speed transmission) is extremely reliable.

Other than a new clutch and tranny three years ago when it had over 130,000 miles on it (I replaced the clutch since we were doing the transmission anyway - due to a weak syncro) this little Jeep has been extremely reliable, and still going strong.

Based on my experience with Jeep Wranglers, they are very reliable 4x4's.

I think some of what you read about issues with Wranglers is due to heavy off-road use & abuse.

4th Feb 2009, 08:38

I have a 1989 Sahara. The vehicle misfires at low rpm's (1000 to 1500) and stalls at every light after it's warm. I do not know if it is the ignition or carburetor?

The electronic carb was replaced with rebuilt one without electronic feedback a few years ago. It seems to use a lot of gas.

Any ideas?

4th Feb 2009, 21:36

Hey, I just ought my first Jeep, pretty stoked, can't wait till summer, and there is excessive play in the steering, and shimmy's at 70-80Km/h. I noticed a few other comments like that, and thought I'd comment myself. I'm almost 100% sure is the steering gear needs adjustment (a screw on the gear box needs to be tightened (an 1/8 of a turn, then check-don't tighten too much). If I'm wrong, please let me know. Reading these comments, I hope my vehicle doesn't get too many major problems (I'm in school). But I already love my jeep just as much as my first car (81 firebird)

26th Apr 2009, 21:01

I just bought a 1989 Jeep Sahara for $950 CAD, and after reading all the comments I am really excited to get it home. Since I am in school in a mechanical program for cars and this being my first car, I am really going to enjoy it. Also, I wanted to know if anyone knows how much it will cost to get the floors and body fully repaired along with the engine compartment, because I want to get rid of all possible rust on it before I do any mechanical work on it? Is it possible to get more mechanical for the Jeep to give it more possible horsepower and torque? Thanks.


3rd May 2009, 11:32

I own a 1989 YJ (original owner) and I'm being forced to decide whether to sell it or get it running again after a 4 year storage.

I've had many of the things the original poster talked about, but my jeep has always gotten me home - broken drive-shaft: put it in 4W to get home, leaking fuel pump: bubble gum, broken front seat mount: steel plate under the car and some bolts, leaky windshield: black bathroom caulk etc etc.

Great tip on drilling out the vacuum lines in the comments - that's gotta be worth a try. Otherwise, get ready to play with the carb every time the weather changes.

I've always found it relatively inexpensive and easy to replace parts (which the list is quite long). Problem is now it has sat too long and things have dried up. I anticipate every seal blowing.

But this thing is barrel of monkeys fun! It's been out west and makes easy work of trails - it's fun to hang just fine with guys who have spend fortunes on air lockers, and all kinds of kits, with a totally stock machine. Just don't let 'em see you stall when the vacuum problem kicks in...

5th May 2009, 19:43

I just bought my an '89 wrangler 2.5 4cyl. This is the 2nd wrangler I have owned and I love it. But I am leaking oil into the air box. I have changed the PVC valve and added stop-leak, but it is still leaking. Anyone with some answers???

20th Jul 2009, 22:47

I bought a 1989 Jeep YJ Wrangler in California about 18 years ago. Had a blast and consider it to be the best thing I ever bought. Even with the several slip yoke/drive shaft failures, AX5 replacement which I had no clue how to install but managed, broken seat welds, the wonderful 258 carb issues and vacuum leaks, clouded up soft top windows, and a list of other issues I have blocked out of my memory, I can not part with her. Every couple of years some one stops by and wants to buy her. Not sure why I don't say yes. Even when it ran, I made a wise investment to buy a tow bar just because I knew how reliable "Jeep" was.

The Jeep now just sits and hasn't moved under it's own power in 8 plus years. It was cool to see it towed by flat bed because of the sale of my last house and be delivered to the new place. The 33's are now dry rotted, but hold air. The red paint still looks good faded with the scars of trails past.

I just decided to push her out of the garage and give her life. Not sure if this is a good idea, but I'm not very bright. So I bought some mystery oil for the pistons, carb rebuild kit, and all the necessary fluids. Considering I have the original carb with the damn computer controlled stepper motor... my choice to by a rebuild kit may have been not so great. Can anyone recommend a new carb and a bypass to the computer. In the wonderful state of MA I hear I no longer need to worry about emissions just a safety check. That's just a beautiful thing.

Any comments are welcome.