8th Dec 2004, 08:38

I wrote the first comment, and on giving it more consideration, you should have purchased a Liberty.

It would have the creature comforts you are looking for.

The Wrangler is meant to be just what it is. Come on! Power windows??? Would you want to disconnect everything a carry those doors, when you take them off??? Besides, it wouldn't be a Wrangler!

8th Dec 2004, 14:08

The 4.0L is bullet proof. It's vastly known for it's reliability and it's power, if you think it's underpowered, you need to take a second look, but as you said, that's your opinion, and you are certainly entitled to it.

As for power locks and key FOB's for a Wrangler, I agree with the previous comment, how would you like to disconnect all that stuff when you want to take the doors off? Also, that's one more electrical component to brreak on your Jeep. As for the FOB, whats the point of having remote keyless on a SOFT TOP VEHICLE??? Remots keyless is not going to stop a thief from taking a simple car key and slicing through the top to get to what they want in the Jeep. That's why people who have Wranglers lock their possessions in the lockable glove box. And there is a locking gas cap that you can get from Chrysler, I've seen many of them on Jeeps, and I do agree it should be standard.

I would love to have a Wrangler. But I needed a little more room and safety, and went with a Liberty instead. Wranglers are still awesome Jeeps.

8th Dec 2004, 19:30

Probably right. Wanted the convertible top though. Maybe they need a soft top Liberty... :-)

As for the power, I came from a 5.2L Dodge V8, so I think it just takes getting used to. Just 10-15 Horsepower would definitely make a big difference though.

22nd Dec 2004, 16:08

I have a 2002 Wrangler X and it is the best off road vehicle I've ever had. The 4 liter engine is perfectly strong and does just what I need it to and then some. As far as key-less entry and power windows go they are very unpractical applications for a Jeep. It would'nt be a Jeep if it had those things. So why don't you go get yourself a nice minivan and enjoy your so-called creature comforts.

1st Feb 2005, 17:22

There is something you need to remember when you drive your Wrangler: It has its history in a military vehicle. People who drive Wranglers are seen as tough, hard-core, no-nonsense off-roaders. My uncle has a Wrangler with the 4.0, and it is amazing. The Wrangler isn't too short on luxury. Other SUVs are just too frilly. You have a good SUV. Stop complaining about the lack of luxury and start enjoying the off-road ability!

19th Mar 2005, 19:52

I owned a Land Rover from 64 to 70 and watched the Jeeps of that era with great curiosity, but did not buy one, I bought a Bronco in 70 to 78,and was moderately satisfied, but I still thought the Jeeps were intense, I Just bought a wrangler X with 6 cly,& auto trans, it is not as stable as the Rover or as powerful as the Bronco, BUT, it's a REAL neat rig, I believe thou it would not hurt the image to have them come with a lockable hood, I was amazed to discover that!! (I guess its so well known everyone thinks everyone knows it!) the locking gas cap is easily solved and I guess a locking spare holder.

My bottom line is this, is the vehicle I always thought it was,I am just sorry it took me 60 years to find out.

24th May 2005, 07:54

Why don't you try buying some kind of performance part... maybe an off-road, cold air intake set?? You can up your HP and gas mileage.

31st Oct 2005, 16:04

I agree that a locking gas cap and locking hood should come standard. It would make me feel better leaving it for a week in the airport parking lot, or at the trail head when I go hiking. On the other hand, I like the Wrangler precisely because it is simple, utilitarian, and does not have power locks and power windows.

17th Nov 2005, 20:24

I am not sure if I am correct, but I am sad to say that Chrysler won't be putting the 4cyl diesel offering from the liberty in the wrangler for 07 when the redesign hits. I can't understand how they could skip such a perfect idea. 160hp and 295ft/lb. would fit the jeep perfectly and solve some mileage issues. Chrysler ruined the Wrangler with the YJ lets hope they don't make another step backward with the new wrangler coming soon.

18th Nov 2005, 22:35

What's so hard about not havng power locks? You have TWO doors, that sounds real hard you know, to reach over and tap or pull the lock. sigh...

And power windows, although nice, wait till one of the motors burns out, and you'll love them! Manual cranks are fine and hassle free. And I wouldn't trust Chrysler electronics anyways lol.

24th Jan 2006, 23:45

Is this weird? My mother drove a wrangler right until 2001. We had an old CJ7 then a 91 wrangler. She always drove them. Seemed like good vehicles, never really took them off road. But our 1999 JGC seems to have lots of problems.

3rd Jul 2008, 03:32

I guess it's a matter of perspective. We lament the lack of frills (like a locking gas cap and hood, lol) but take pride in it's macho, utilitarian image.

What may seem legit to me is considered whining by the next guy. That said, here's my two cents;

The paint is cheap on my '02 X.

The four liter six is a little underpowered. (To be fair though, I'm at nearly 5000 feet elevation and running 33s on a six inch lift).

I understand it was never intended to be an economy car, so save the invectives for something less damning; but 12.5MPG on the hiway? Lift or no, headwinds, sticking parking brake, or towing a parade float, there's no excuse for mileage that poor in 2008.

The wire loom example cited by another owner is a clear picture of why Chrysler (AND GM AND Ford) are losing ground to the imports with each passing year. The term 'profit margin' is never muttered at Toyota.

Given all these, I still have no intention of selling my Wrangler. It's easy to work on. It's comfortable. It's unique, in a mass produced way, LOL. It takes me to places in Nevada that 97% of the Californicators who have moved here (and are ruining our state) will never see.

And the one reason why it's so easy to endure the Wranglers shortcomings... women love 'em. When the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas are within city limits, you're only a cooler and $10 in gas away from being a hero. There's no truer catch-phrase in advertising... 'There's only one Jeep'.

17th Jan 2010, 16:08

My first Jeep was a 1995 Jeep Wrangler 4.0 in line 6. I had it for many years. When the floor rotted out, I traded it for another vehicle. I missed it so much I bought another one a 2003 Jeep Wrangler and I love it. 4.0 in line 6 with a 2 inch body lift.

26th Jun 2013, 18:07

The problem with the "underpowered" problem is because the pumpkins usually have 3.07:1 gears stuffed into them. A set of 3.55 should have been the base set with a 4:10 or 4:56 option. IMHO.

When we visit the coast, it's 1.5 hours driving in the mountains. Driving in 4th gear usually results in better mileage.