23rd Dec 2007, 19:45

I agree, Jeep needs to get back to building real SUV's. I can't believe I am considering a Nissan Exterra over a Grand Cherokee. It seems Jeep forgot where it has come from.

3rd Jul 2008, 18:29

Yes 1995 was the last year of the "old school" Jeeps with leaf springs, vent windows on the doors, etc.

Thankfully I am the proud owner of a beautiful '95 and hope to keep it in top condition for as long as possible.

It is a wonderful vehicle.

22nd Oct 2008, 15:27

Original reviewer here with an update - over 3 years later and my little Jeep is performing flawlessly.

It still looks showroom new and I haven't had to spend a penny on repairs since I completed the restoration (three years ago I decided to go completely through it).

This one is a keeper!

12th Oct 2009, 09:56

Original reviewer here - My Wrangler continues to perform flawlessly and I hope to get many more years of dependable service out of it.

The only service required has been oil changes etc. and I am now replacing tie-rods & ball joints, which I consider to be normal wear & tear items on a vehicle that was built on October 9, 1994 and has traveled nearly 150,000 miles.

I honestly cannot find any fault with these AMC designed Jeep YJ Wranglers.

30th Mar 2010, 09:53

Original reviewer here with another update -

My little Wrangler continues to perform flawlessly, it still looks and runs like new.

When I read some the reviews on this site and see the problems that people are having with their newer (and even new) vehicles, I am thankful for my reliable little Jeep.

I must again say that I believe the AMC designed YJ's were really the last of great line of Jeeps. The TJ's were more roadworthy, but less reliable, in some cases much less reliable. The new JK's in my opinion only somewhat resemble the rugged Jeeps of the past (they look way too Hummer-like for my taste), and Chrysler did Jeep a huge disservice when it stopped making the 4.0 liter inline six and started putting the 3.8 liter (minivan) V6 in the Wrangler.

I hope that my YJ can continue to give me years trouble free of service, as it is getting harder and harder to find nice old school Jeeps.

2nd Jun 2010, 09:37

Just thought I'd add a little to the original, I too have a 1995 Sahara H.T., with 81,000 miles on it. The 4.0 is one of the best 6 cyl. engines made as I have seen some with over 200,000 miles on them and still running strong.

It has one thumb-nail size rust spot on the right front fender, which has been repaired and that is it.

The floor pans look like new, and so does the rest of the vehicle for a 95. It does ride rough and the gas mileage isn't the best, but it's still my ride of choice.

I bought it from the original owner four years ago to run the back roads in the U.P. of Michigan, which it did with flying colors, so when we decided to move back to the lower part of Michigan, I decided to keep the Jeep as my daily driver and haven't been sorry one bit.

I have all three tops for the Jeep, but have never changed them.

I feel that this Jeep will be in my family for some time to come.

Drifter, Fenton Mi.

10th Mar 2011, 15:17

Original reviewer with an update - early this winter, the Wrangler started displaying hard start issues and it would flood out. The shop I took it to had a difficult time correctly diagnosing the underlying problem. They replaced the fuel pump, yet the problem persisted. I told them that when the key was turned to the "on' position (not start), one could hear electrical crackling. When they finally listened for it, they realized the issue was with the computer. The computer is no longer available through Chrysler (such wonderful customer service). Thankfully NADA has reconditioned ones at a fairly reasonable price. Once the issue was properly diagnosed and the repair made - the Jeep starts and runs great!

Another issue I had was that the rear end was beginning to whine - of course as soon as I got the Jeep back from the shop (for the starting issue) the differential blew. Off to another shop for a differential rebuild. Weeks later, my little Jeep is running & driving fine again. Let's hope it lasts! :)

10th Jul 2011, 18:55

Original reviewer - Well I've guess I've gone full-circle now.

With a growing family, it was apparent that it was no longer practical to drive a Wrangler, so I put "my baby" up for sale and sold it within a week. I'm now back driving a Liberty Limited - Jeeps Forever!