1973 Jensen Interceptor MK III 7.3 V8 from UK and Ireland


What a sound from those twin tail pipes


The electrics in the engine bay area have suffered from the intense engine heat and are therefore problematic.

The CarterThemoquad carburetor can be very tricky and is prone to primary chamber flooding. This car will overheat if the radiator is not maintained well!

General Comments:

This car is very fast and very loud.

The interior is superbly finished in leather everything and all the mod cons, some of which you don't even get on modern cars. It also seats 4 adults, all be it with very little leg room in the rear. The view out of the massive rear view mirror is stunning - no pillars to restrict your view.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2005

18th Jan 2009, 19:30

The issue with the Carter ThermoQuad is pretty well-documented in America, at least from Technical Service Bulletins from the early '80s. Someone might have a fix from this side of the pond.

1973 Jensen Interceptor MK 3 J series petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A timeless classic sports tourer


Automatic transmission is currently being rebuilt.

The wiring for the lights was faulty, but has now been replaced.

Some trim has been replaced.

General Comments:

The car handles surprisingly well for a 31 year old car, it drives better than some cars built in the last 5 years.

The engine sounds great and interior is quite plush for an inexpensive luxury vehicle in todays market.

I'm having a great time with the car for the short period I have owned it.

Certainly get plenty of looks in the car.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2004

7th Dec 2004, 06:39

How many miles are on your Jensen Interceptor Mk111?

27th Dec 2004, 05:23

Is your Jensen tan in colour? Did you buy it in South Australia?

14th Jan 2005, 08:52

How much would a Jensen interceptor 3 cost nowadays?

7th Feb 2005, 17:23

Car has 67,700 miles. No it is green and came from WA. Approx 18-22K for an average Jensen.

1967 Jensen Interceptor FF 383 from North America


The following items are more maintenance than gone wrong as the car is 36 years old.

The cooling system needed servicing; radiator re-cored updated fans, 160 thermostat.

Updated ignition system to electronic, standard Mo-par upgrade.

New Carberator and aluminum intake manifold.

Replaced cracked exhaust manifold with cast iron not headers, header cause too much heat in engine bay.

General Comments:

The Jensen FF is a rare car the first all wheel drive car with ABS as standard, the body is similar to an Interceptor visually except it four to five inches longer and has a hood scoop as well as two side fender/wing vents just over 300 ever built.

The pleasure of this car is to drive it, the effortless performance and handling is wonderful, I said its cheap to run/maintain as it is parts are readily available, the engine is bullet proof 383 with very modest easy bolt on upgrades, roller rockers, card intake, ignition modifications and several other modifications make this car a joy to own. The interior is original, very classy.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2003

27th Mar 2004, 08:36

This is a piece of automotive history you have there. To those of you who don't know this car's 4wd system preceded the Audi Quattro by 13 years! It's sad that few people know about it and there's no Jensen factory anymore...

16th Dec 2004, 09:38

I think I would have to live in USA before owning one again, that fuel consumption!!! 13mpg on a good day! not a car for the UK if you want to use it every day.

17th Jun 2013, 12:37

If I'm not mistaken, I was the previous North American owner. Wish I still owned her!

1966 Jensen Interceptor V8 overhead valve from UK and Ireland


Good for the short time I had it


I'm not to sure actually. I only had the car for a short time. Nothing accept a few electrical problems and finding spare parts.

General Comments:

I only had the car for a little while because tragically, I fell asleep at the wheel and went off a 13 foot cliff onto a beach. If you care, I was OK, accept the front end was ruined and at the time, the car wasn't worth very much.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2003

8th Nov 2004, 08:53

You comment that the car wasn't worth much.

When they were new they cost more than a semi-detached house in Surrey.

10th Nov 2004, 08:07

Maybe he meant that it wasn't worth much because it needed to be repaired.

23rd Mar 2005, 02:48

If you must wreck a car, why not use a Toyota or something. A Jensen Interceptor... sigh!

1st Dec 2005, 06:28

Unfortunate incident. Glad you survived. I can understand the cost of a front-end rebuild being unfeasible if the car was particularly scruffy to begin with - and that's not to say any other damage was done. Could've made one classy beach buggy though!

4th Apr 2006, 07:35

You say you had trouble with (among other things) finding spare parts.

May I suggest a metal detector;- many people use them when searching for metal objects - on beaches.

29th May 2010, 13:14

Even back when they were current, a used Interceptor had quite astronomical depreciation. They were not as reliable as you'd expect from such an expensive car, and were quite ruinously thirsty, which slaughtered second hand values- '73 fuel crisis anyone? I can remember a car dealer by me having 2 of them for sale in about 1978 for over a year before he managed to shift them.

A beautiful car, but it's always going to be expensive one way or the other.

15th Jul 2011, 10:31

I seek to purchase a 74 coupe. I think the car has lots of potential. I like the lines of the car, and I like the interior as well as the fact that it has an American power train. That should make the car relatively inexpensive to maintain. Standard brakes and other minor related maintenance stuff can't possibly be that expensive.

Now just about anyone's got an American classic, this is a chance to have a unique car; besides, a Ferrari is way more expensive.

I enjoy working on cars on my days off. And this may just be the exciting car, that I am looking for.

Back in the 70s, my 1st car was a '70 Grand Prix with a 400/400. So I like big engines.

1970 Jensen Interceptor Mk. 2 6.3 litre V8 from Australia and New Zealand


An expensive and rewarding performance classic


The electrics of the car are poor and prone to melt down.

They are also difficult to find and expensive.

There is little room in the engine bay and the car prefers cooler climates.

The leather interior is very comfortable, however the seats are beginning to wear quite badly. This would seem to be a common problem.

General Comments:

The V8 is very thirsty, but sounds great!

On the open country roads and highway the car is awesome. The car has a tendency to over steer when pushed, but generally is very well behaved.

Brilliant touring car, for two.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2002