2005 Kia Carens LX 2.0 CRDI turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Comfortable, roomy, but a little thirsty and basic


Diesel leak.

General Comments:

I bought this car after a disastrous time with a Renault Grand Scenic.

I tried to get one previously, but they do get snapped up quickly.

It's very comfortable with large seats and a good high view out.

The heater takes a while to warm up, but it is a diesel.

I bought it in 2010, and it had a slight diesel leak, which was noticeable in the car, but the dealer was excellent, and took half an hour to fix it while I waited.

The fuel consumption is about 24mpg around town, but on the few runs I've done, I think it's up around 40mpg, which isn't too bad.

My main complaints about this car are the noise inside and the automatic gear box. There is a real clatter from the engine. It sounds very agricultural, and there are lots of rattles and vibrations. It does get smoother at motorway speeds though.

The automatic gearbox seems to want to change down all the time. Going around a corner in town, it will drop into first and the revs will shoot up, and then it quickly changes back up again. Even at fast speeds, a slight touch on the throttle will get it to change down when it would have been better in the same gear.

Apart from the above, the car is quite pleasant to drive, and obviously being more of a "budget" motor, it is a little bit more basic than some European models.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2011

7th Mar 2012, 17:18

This was my review. I eventually sorted the gearbox problem very simply by pulling the "memory/room" fuse in the underbonnet fuse box. I left it disconnected for 40 minutes. When plugged back in, the gearbox was reset to factory settings. It was like driving a different car.