2002 Kia Carnival LX 2.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Don't EVER buy one!!!


The most recent thing to go wrong with this car is, you guessed it, the engine decided to mix the oil and water and it 'blew'. What that means is Kia NZ gave me an original quote between 8 - 10,000 dollars to fix!!! They have since dropped it to just under $3000.

I have had to change the rubber lining around the rear window because it shrunk, which it's done again.

I have had it treated for rust within one year of purchasing it in 2004.

I have just been informed that I have rust on the firewall, which will need to be fixed for my next warranty.

I had a cutting out fault, which they could not find, and they left me feeling like I was the one with the problem.

Any advice is welcomed on getmemoore@paridise.net.nz

General Comments:

Apart from the faulty engine that Kia has failed to take responsibility for to date, it is a roomy car, the very reason that we purchased it, but that is all it has got going for it, and you can get that from other car models with less disappointment and financial loss.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2010

13th Sep 2010, 23:04

Recall Recall RECALL!!!

KIA Motors Australia has appointed Min Kun (MK) Kim as its new president and chief executive officer for 2010.

Welcome Mr. Kim, from your valued Australian customers.

We have purchased your KV6 series Carnivals in good faith.

We cherished and nurtured these cars only to be devastated by their failures.

We are aware that the engine design is a big problem for KIA.

We ask that your first priority is to make good with all affected owners.

We seek your good will to turn this unfortunate experience around.

We ask that you recall these vehicles from their owners and reclaim.

We deserve either an exchange or refund.

Welcome to Australia Mr. Kim.

2002 Kia Carnival from Australia and New Zealand


Don't buy it


My head gasket blww at 97.000 km.

At 120.000 the piston melted.

I had maintained and followed all the manufacturer's service specifications.

The head gasket damage expenses (approx 8.000) were partially picked up by Kia, then another bill of $6.000 plus (generous offer according to Kia) was given to fix the further damage. Kia was willing to contribute $500 to ease the pain of having bought their car.

Once a KIA owner, never a Kia owner again.

If you want value for money, look at where you're investing your hard earned money...

General Comments:

Looks good from the outside; cabin etc, but inside (engine) it's a bucket...

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Review Date: 30th November, 2008

2002 Kia Carnival LS from Australia and New Zealand


Unreliable, not worth what I paid


My head gasket apparently blew at 88000kms.

On closer inspection, apparently the engine block was damaged and needed replacing.

The coolant is mixing with the oil and vice versa.

The seams in the seats are beginning to tear.

Spark leads burnt out after 2 weeks.

General Comments:

Roomy, especially for my children in the back on long trips, which is the reason iI purchased it.

I bought it second hand at a pretty hefty price, and have had nothing but dramas since I purchased it.

I have just spent $6000 to repair the engine block, that was apparently the problem, and now the coolant and water are mixing. Don't know if it's worth keeping anymore. I haven't even paid the thing off completely yet.

Was told by fair trading to go to small claims tribunal, so am pursuing that avenue at the moment. What was my biggest personal purchase I have paid for, or am currently paying for, has turned out to be a major headache. I agree with the rest of you; why did they not do a total recall if they knew of the fault?

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Review Date: 19th May, 2008

2002 Kia Carnival 2.9 turbo diesel from Dominican Republic


You get a lot more for what you paid for!


My lubricant pump failed at 40,000 km.

Front tires worn in the first year. I suspect poor quality, but also bad driving from myself. It is a heavy vehicle and should not be driven as a mid size car.

Air conditioning evaporator had to be changed at 50,000 due to a leak.

Rear side doors need continuous adjustment. I think is a dealer problem.

General Comments:

Very cheap, but you get a lot from what you paid.

I bought it knowing that if cheap, it will have problems, but as far as the sum of all expenses is less than the price of similar vans, I am pleased.

Very comfortable and stylish.

Plenty of room and exterior vision.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2005