8th Jun 2001, 22:19

Bought it half a year ago. Seems not much of a complaint. The only unpleasant remark that I heard was, the engine has to be unloaded from the vehicle in order to replace the spark plugs (there are three of them at the back of the engine, the other three can be easily replaced). What a strange one, isn't it? Because of that I'm planning to sell it.

Other than the above, the Kia Carnival is pretty good.

11th Jul 2001, 00:17

I have the Carnival 2.9 Diesel Turbo, no problem with spark plugs!!!

Great economy, no issues... great car.

Alan Taylor.

27th Aug 2001, 03:31

I bought my Carnival 4 months ago and have been very happy about it. Only problem is that the unit brought into the Philippines seems not to have adjustments for thermostat settings. As such, it can be VERY cold at night with the AC on. Aside for the little periodic rattles which can easily be eliminated by a quick trip to the shop, the Carnival's fine. Hope it stays that way for the next 5 years.

29th Oct 2001, 20:54

Hi Guys.

Heard there's another type of Carnival, named Carnival II or Sedona? This newer type should be better than the ancestor, rite??

10th Jan 2002, 23:00

Got my Kia carnival II land 2.9 TDI 4 months ago. Looks like they cured most of the faults seen in the old carnival. Very happy with it. Great Looks, great power, no rattling yet. City driving gives me 7km/Li, long dives 11km/Li. Seems like they never knew the word "scrimp" when it came to amenities. 12 cup holders! Can reach speeds of 150km/hr with the pedal 3/4 down. Squeeky front brakes were my doing - washed the wheels right after a long drive. Overall a car with the highest value for money. Will let you know when problems surface... AEIMD.

20th Feb 2003, 08:31

I bought my Kia Carnival II CRDi in December 17th 2003. It is wonderful and I am very happy with it. I bought the Sedona known as Carnival in Southern Africa and the fuel consumption is absolutely great. I do over 700km on one tank. The car easily reaches a speed of 160km/hr without signs of stress. The diesel engine is very quite and I would not trade this car for any thing.


3rd May 2003, 08:34

Kia 2003.

The worst car I ever had, it has been in the shop for 6 weeks and I have only driven it twice.

The transmission went, the radio was faulty, the window tint peeled. the central locking doesn't work. the interior light doesn't work. the automatic windows do not work. the alarm doesn't work. and my horn beeps constantly. and the manufacturers don't want to deal with it...


28th Apr 2005, 14:16

In October 2002, I bought a Carnival 2002 2.9 TDI and I was very happy with it, until two weeks ago and 46,000 Kilometers ran.

The lubricating pump failed and they had to remove the engine and the transmission to replace it. It cost me a lot (20% of the purchase price) and it looks like there is a design problem.

I repaired it somewhere different from a KIA representative, because they are much more expensive, but I'm planning to post a claim.

If you hear a "strange" sound near the front right tire, probably you have the same problem.

23rd Jan 2007, 15:54

I am Mohammad from Egypt

The KIA CARNIVAL is a very good car and it is very comfortable, but I suffer from repairing it due to the very high cost and sometimes it is too hard to find its spare parts.