2000 Kia Carnival from Indonesia


Compared to the good price, the car is excellent


1. At 10.000 km my Carnival had a problem with the right front suspension system. This noise was noticed when it reached 1000 km. The agent replaced it for free as a manufacturer defect. But after 12.000 km, the same noise started again. I suspected that the suspension system centerline was the problem?

2. Wheel alignment fixed after a few inspections by the agent.

3. Tyre type is not comfortable on express highway or the sealing system is incorrect. Noisy sound when driving above 100 km per hour.

4. Noise at the right sliding door was fixed by myself. Rubber holder at the middle level needed adjustment.

5. Back pressure noise in the exhaust system when reaching 110 km per hour at +/- 3500 RPM.

6. No touch-up paint is available to fix small scratches.

General Comments:

Generally this a good car you can buy at a reasonable price. The service provided by the agent is excellent. But it is disappointing if you have to visit the dealer regularly for the guarantee claims.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2001

21st Jan 2005, 03:02

On your noise in the exhaust pipe: is it a Carnival 2.9 Diesel you're driving? My 2000 Carnival broke down. Reason: oil came into the engine through the turbo. Normally this would burn, but not it it's too much. Closer examination at the mechanic showed that above 3000 rpm indeed oil would start leaking from tubes that would normsally enter the turbo. Could this be the cause of your afterburn? We're still looking for a solution: anyone?

2000 Kia Carnival from Egypt


If it is the best car, without spare parts it's the worst


I bought this car new Feb 2000, the car is not stable at all, running at 120 km/h. With a small crash into a stone the car turned over, the airbags didn't work. I asked the dealer, the airbag is working only for front and rear impacts!!! The car is now with the dealer since August, there are no spare parts in Egypt.

Sorry if it is the best car in the world, without spare parts it became the worst manufacturer.

General Comments:

- Very good country car.

- Never to be used faster than 120 km/h.

- No spare parts in many countries as well as very bad maintenance.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2001

3rd Apr 2001, 05:57

I'm very sorry to her what happened to you, but I have had a Kia Carnival since 1998 and last month I got a second one - the all new 2001 Carnival and regarding spare parts no problems here in Europe, at least in France, and driving over 140 km/h no problems.

Dealers same service as Ford or Renault, no difference but in Egypt I know most services are not to the Western standards.