21st May 2009, 00:44

I bought a 2002 kia Carnival as it had just had a new engine in it at 80,000k. Thought it was now a safe bet! We didn't even get 50,000kms out of the new engine. To replace again a 3rd time will cost $7500.00 or take $2000.00 from the wreckers! Think I will take the money and run, lesson learnt.

1st Jan 2010, 01:22

We purchased a 2002 model Kia Carnival LS model 2nd hand almost two years ago. It had just clocked up 140,000km when the engine died as we drove down the freeway... With five kids in the car. Thank God we were in the left lane and it was early in the morning, otherwise I believe there would have been serious consequences if another car had run up the back of us doing 100km!!

After months of trying to fight Kia to cover the replacement of an engine (we since found out this was the second engine the car has had!!), we have been offered an engine replacement if we pay $8500 and it will only have a six month warranty!! I don't think so. We will not buy Kia again.

7th Jan 2010, 03:45

Same again, bought my 99 Carnival from a dealer; $4500 with 3 months warranty. Head gasket blew 2 weeks later. What they didn't tell us is the warranty only covers $1500 worth. I'm up for $2500.

Anybody that has recently beat Kia, please send me details of how to do it markkeaton80@yahoo.com.au

2nd Feb 2010, 06:21

I also owned a 99 Carnival with the same problems. The early engines had both head gasket problems, head problems and some even had problems with the engine block itself. I've heard stories about people getting cover for heads and even short blocks, but to my knowledge there were never any recall for these vehicles pertaining these problems.

Even if Kia covered a new short block (the stories I've read about), they are just covering the part itself. So you have to take out the old engine, remove the heads, headers and all auxiliaries etc and fit them to the new block, which is quite a job. The cheapest solution would be to get a newer second hand engine and have that fitted.

But I don't think Kia will cover anything now, more than 10 years after, even if it's 'common knowledge' that these engines have a manufacturing defect.

9th Nov 2010, 21:46

I am on my own with 5 kids. I brought a Kia Carnival. I told the dealership I needed a reliable car as I had a lot of travelling to do.

In 6 months of owning it I have had the rear door fall off, the harmonica balance fall off and the starter motor went twice.

Now I have just gone and brought another car because I could not trust the first to get me from a to b let alone long trips! I don't think car yards should be able to sell these cars and get away with it...