5th Feb 2007, 02:30

Abnormal clutch wear for Kia/Hyundai V6s is a well know problem. This affects all V6 with manual transmission delivered from Kia/Hyundai. Putting in a new original one won't help either they'll wear out in no time. Go for an after market clutch, racing type with improved endurance.

13th May 2008, 15:08

We bought a 2005 Kia Carnival brand new. It will not get a WOF at any testing station on the handbrake. The dealer was given many opportunities to fix the problem, but kept saying that it was just the design and testing stations needed to understand that.

So I took it to an independent brake specialist and paid for a report. They said the vehicle was totally unsafe. Eventually the dealer replaced the cable. I had asked for a brake reading from WOF testing station after it had been repaired. Instead he gave me a printout from a portable, and the date wasn't even right on it, nor could I understand it. He did our WOF for us that year.

Since then the brakes are still sticking, and yesterday the car wouldn't move when I had to pick it up from mechanic after the thread had come out of the oil sump at 56000km. After talking to the mechanic, he told me their centre used to be the Kia Dealers, but the cars were so crap they wouldn't sell them any more. He said there had been a recall on these cars for handbrakes, and that replacing cables would not fix the problem, basically the whole car needed to be replaced!!

The thread from the oil sump is also common, due to Kia not using a strong enough alloy in them. We have also had problems with the speaker system for the stereo, had 1 seat trim replaced, and the brackets for the trays behind the seats snapped off in the first week. My husband ended up repairing himself by making metal brackets that could handle the pressure of the struts.

Apart from the ongoing handbrake problem, which I am off to have a good go at dealers about today, this has been a really nice car to drive in and very practical.

11th May 2012, 20:42

I purchased a brand new Kia Carnival LS auto in 2005. Travelled 85000 klm with no problems at all. Everything works except the DVD and radio/CD (wiring loom poor quality, insulation/fuse holders). Engine/gearbox has been perfect.

High petrol consumption in city traffic returning only 400 - 450 klm for 70 litres unleaded.

Other than that, the car is great.

9th Mar 2013, 15:38

We bought a Kia Carnival Sedona LS model, and it has been great. The last owners ran the wrong fuel in it and the engine started pinging. Their mechanic told them it would cost over $4000 to fix. I purchased it for $850, and took it home, drained the fuel, replaced all the fuses and relay boxes, and it came to life just like that!

We still love our Kia, and with a large family, it is so handy. Thank you Kia, this van is amazing :)

15th Sep 2014, 23:58

I purchased a Kia Carnival new in December 2004. It is nearly 10 years old and coming up to its 180,000 km service.

I had one problem with it; the immobilizer ECU died and it took over 5 weeks to get a replacement from Korea. No parts in Australia.

This service will be expensive. New timing belts, I need to replace the clutch as it has done some serious towing, and there are engine seals that need replacing.

The Carnival has been a great car and still looks great.