2016 Kia Optima turbo from North America


A major disappointment


After buying a brand new top of the line Optima, loaded with the top trim package, I get home to discover there is no Home Link. I was told that it is a $500 add-on. My previous Optima, with a lower trim package, had a Home Link and I assumed this one would.

I live in the Northern US and have snow tires mounted on wheels. I also have Kia tire sensors on the wheels for convenience and cost savings. The issue is that the computer will only recognize one set of tire sensors, even though both are Kia sensors. I therefore have to spend at least an hour or more and $50 twice a year to have the computer reprogrammed. Currently they cannot even figure out how to get the other sensors to work. It is extremely disappointing and frustrating to think that Kia does not understand the US market and customer, and will not implement a simple software fix.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2016

30th Nov 2016, 15:47

Appreciate your frustration, but it's a relatively small problem. I would have liked a more in depth review with comments about how the car drives and so on. I've heard Kia have come a long way and are much better cars now; let us know how the car (mechanically, not just software issues) holds up long term.

19th Sep 2017, 21:32

I don't own this model, I own the Sportage. Kia cars are comfortable cars, which offer a nice supple ride and soak up bumps; it's nicely dampened. The only thing Kia lacks is a real sports performance car that will put a smile on peoples' faces. I am not saying Kia cars are boring; it's just not enough feedback at the steering wheel. But they are about to answer this with the Kia Stinger.