2005 Kia Pride GLXi 1.3i from Iran


This car is good for only under 100km/h speeds


Shock absorbers

Brake pads

Door connections

Trunk door connection

Headlights alignment

Wheels Balancing

Wheels Alignment.

General Comments:

This car in Iran known as Saipa GLXi or Pride GLXi,

This car is very easy to own.

But when you get in and drive it a little on roads and highways, you will find that it is uncomfort & unsmooth ride.

There are lots of noise from dashboard & the whole body.

When you have 3 passengers or more, the car don't tend to move and it's like a turtle.

But when you are alone it is so good for acceleration up to 60km/h.

After sales service is too bad, it has a guaranty for 36000km, but when you complain about wrong items in service shop they didn't change the warranty items.

Top speed for this car is good, I drive it by maximum 155km/h and it was like a bird in the air not on the road.

It must have a power steering and better suspension system for better performance.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2005