2001 Kia Rio from North America


Decent car, good gas mileage, but no comfort!


It shimmers when you drive down the road, but when I took it in the dealer found nothing wrong with it. I just got use to it.

Seats are about as comfortable as sitting on broken glass.

Engine light seems to always come on. Spark plugs burned up quick, changed them and still runs like crap. Went to change wires, but soon found out you can only buy plug wires from the dealership. So instead of $25 - $30 bucks, I am looking at a whopping $70.00!!

General Comments:

Guess I got what I paid for. Well that and they were the only ones that would finance me. Course the bad thing is, that cheap $9,000 car, will end up costing me around 17,000 due to their finance company and add-ons. UHG!!

The one good thing I can say about the car is I can drop $10 bucks into the tank and drive 275-300 miles. Bet your SUV can't do that. I can say that the car always starts and runs for me, even if its only running on 3 cylinders! Plus I just had to buy new tires and I live on a farm with gravel roads. That's a lot of mileage on those cheap tires.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2004

2001 Kia Rio from North America


A badly made car


The clutch keeps going out. First at 7,000, then at 14,000 and it is now going out again.

General Comments:

The dealer (a Ford dealer) made me fix it the first time. The second time (after notifying better business bureau) the dealer fixed it at no cost. They had the car two weeks. The third time I took it in, they said there is a problem and held it two days, then they said it was fine. Waiting for end of warranty.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2003

8th Jan 2004, 11:34

After you have something go wrong 3 times the lemon law takes effect.

2001 Kia Rio upgrade package 1.5 DOHC from North America


Sport sedan under cover


I have not had one problem with my Rio and I drive it very hard. If you take care of a Kia it will take care of you. If you don't take care of a Kia it will turn around and bite you in the butt.

General Comments:

I am in love with my 2002 Rio. It is quick, fun to drive and handles amazingly well for such a small car. I have never had a problem with my rio and anyone that buys one I am sure will be happy with there purchase.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2003

20th Jan 2004, 11:07

Will have to agree on a more positive note. I love my little red 2002 Kia Rio. It is a quiet smooth ride with a fantastic sound system and 28000 flawless miles.

2001 Kia Rio from North America


Six months after I bought my car I started having my current problems.

I fill up with gas and get back on the road and within five minutes it shuts down completely, at 60km or at a stop or going through an intersection.

Now the check engine light and the overdrive light are frequently on and it stalls and catches all the time.

It has had the charcoal cannister replaced, the computer replaced and too many others to keep track, oh and just recently the fuel pump (it stalled 2 days after they said they fixed it).

My car has been in and out of the dealerships non-stop since I've owned my brand new showroom model egg-smelling car.

There seems to be no support from the company what so ever and the service guys seem to be aimlessly fixing whatever KIA tells them to try next.

Oh and tomorrow I get to take it back in so they can take the engine apart.

That seems to be there last resort.

I have put calls in to the District Manager with no reply.

Contacted customer service who listened "nicely" but that was it.

My lease is over in less than a year and I will never ever buy a KIA again.

And I will go out of my way to warn others.

I am not the only one with these exact problems, so I know that it is not an isolated "lemon" problem.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2003

29th Feb 2004, 15:13

I had some of the same problems with my 2001 Kia Rio. My car stalled on I-95 in Delray Beach, Florida one time, but I didn't think about it again since the car crank back up again. On another occasion, the car started revving up for no reason. I immediately pulled the car to the side and shut it off, but it refused to restart. I took it to the nearest dealer wherein he told me it was a loose screw.

I then had another problem wherein the check engine light would stay on. They told me it was a loose gas cap. Now my car is running really rough, even after making sure I have all the fluids and making sure I have had my tune-up in time. This car has issues!

8th Aug 2006, 12:40

Wow, I had to stop myself and think if I wrote the main complaint or not. Reading your story sounds like I am reading my thoughts.

I went through the exact same problems... FOR YEARS!!!

Good Luck to you!!

If your in Ontario file an complaint with OMVIC (i think that's the name of the company) right when you do that the District Manager will act really quickly...let me tell you :)