2006 Kia Rio Convenience from North America


If I had my time back, I would have NEVER bought my Rio.


Seats are wearing.

Looses engine power on the highway.

Stalls while I am driving (not changing gears)

CD player shuts itself off.

Engine light comes on.

General Comments:

This car is not anywhere close to reliable. I never know if I should take it on the highway because I am scared that it will lose engine power again, and I will be stranded with my kids.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2006

2006 Kia Rio LX 1.6 gasoline from North America


Buy a Honda Fit instead


The transmission is acting very strangely, lurching under acceleration and popping into neutral between gear changes. It's shifted down into the red zone for no reason several times. It's also torque-steering, something a car with this distinct a lack of power shouldn't do.

The gas gauge is a joke. It will move the wrong way randomly-and stay there. You never really know how much fuel you have.

The handbrake keeps knocking itself out of adjustment. It's easy to fix-because Kia haven't been bothered to finish the interior, the adjustment is under the rear seat drink holder.

The front brake balance valve is faulty, which means the car dives left under hard braking.

General Comments:

Any sort of imperfection in the road surface comes through as a sharp, rubbery kick.

The engine sounds like a diesel at low speed and a broken musical instrument at high speed. It lacks severely in power. There are five-year-olds on bicycles that accelerate faster than this car.

The rear seat leaves much to be desired. I am 5 feet 8 inches tall, and I wouldn't be able to sit behind someone my size.

The interior has the same look as a German car, but it isn't nearly as good. All the trim pieces in the interior feel cheap and fragile.

Even with six airbags, it's still a very bad place to be in an accident, especially in a side-impact.

It can be quite frightening to drive. The power steering is easily overwhelmed, as are the tires. It also feels very light and top-heavy, with a lot of rolling about in a corner. There's also no traction control or ABS, which, given the abysmal quality of tire Kia fits, can be very dangerous in emergency maneuvers.

This is a rental car that my insurance has rented me because they didn't mend my car properly, and I've driven it for around a month-enough to know that it's rubbish.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2006

2nd Sep 2006, 11:01

Good heavens man - you're driving a rental - what do you expect?

28th Jan 2007, 22:32

It doesn't matter if it is a rental or not, same car that is one the lot. Not quite sure why people buy these cars.

4th Apr 2007, 06:37

Rio 2006 is a good car and your problem is, because its rental car.

2006 Kia Rio SX from North America


I love my Rio 5


So far nothing has gone wrong with the car.

General Comments:

For an inexpensive car it has a good stock stereo.

The seats are very comfortable and easy to adjust.

I didn't get the power windows and door locks, but the car is easy enough to reach around so this is not a problem.

It is very spacious inside with plenty of leg room.

I like that the storage area in the back has a rack in the back to cover what is in it, but when I had to help my friends move, we found the rack did not fit on the floor like explained, so we had to try to rest that on top of everything.

When the rear seats are folded down there is a lot of storage room.

Car had no problems driving up a steep mountain loaded with two college students belongings and three passengers.

I am used to fast cars and was worried that the 4 cylinder engine would be to small for the car, but the car reaches 90 and I can't feel it.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2006

15th Aug 2006, 23:16

I have the same car - Kia Rio 5 - no power windows, doors - stick shift - I love the size of it, styling and the fact I get 34/35 mpg on a regular basis. the car is suprising quiet and you're right - the stereo is surprisingly good!

2nd Sep 2006, 10:57

Bought a new Rio in June 2006, and so far have no problems - it rides and handles well, is quiet, and surprisingly refined for a cheap car. Don't like the position of the ashtray, though. A carefully thought out and engineered automobile.