2013 Kia Rio Base LX 1.6 from North America


Need TRUE info about how good these 2012/newer Kia Rios are? HERE IT IS


Bought the 2013 new! As of 11-8-2015, it has about 50500 miles. I'm the original owner of my 2013 Rio. I drove the 50k miles.

As of today, things that need or needed attention:

The rear disc brake pads wore out way too soon. 33k miles. I replaced myself.

Also have a tiny issue with the door key lock on the driver's side. It "freezes" up. Unable to turn the key. Therefore, I can't unlock the door with the key. I have to get in through the passenger door to unlock the driver door. But if I lube with WD40, it is OK. But eventually it happens again.

Also, on SOME mornings only, the clutch feels "bouncy" like as if the flywheel needs to be turned. Like brake rotors.

Also, once in a while, the engine seems to "ping" with hard acceleration. I use the cheap gas BTW, Arco regular unleaded.

General Comments:

Hi, I am Gilbert. This is what I have to say about my car.



From my video on Youtube titled "Our 2013 Kia Rio. 10000 mile report. (My 2013 Kia Rio review). The following talks about all the things I like and don't like about the 2013 Rio basically.


But NOW this is MY experience as of my 2 1/2 years of ownership!:


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Review Date: 8th November, 2015

8th Nov 2015, 14:51

Ehm. Who smashed your mailbox?

29th Jan 2016, 20:23

HI ALL. The OP. Gilbert. 2013 Rio. My car has 55,500 miles as of Jan 29, 2016.

Today I have an ISSUE with my 2013. Yesterday the key got stuck in the switch, and I could not turn the key. It's stuck in the accessory position. I was able to remove the key from the ignition switch in the accessory mode, but can't turn the key (the ignition switch), rendering me unable to start the car. I tried to use the steering wheel in locked mode, BUT since the switch is in accessory, the steering wheel is not locked, so that is not going to work. I then tried WD-40. That did not work either. I tried for about a good 10-15 minutes to get it unstuck. No success.

I had to get the car towed to the Kia dealer, since the car is still under warranty (60k basic warranty on Kias). Waited about 2 hours for them to show up. Tow was free for me. Kia provides free roadside assistant for 5 years, 60k miles.

So as of the 29th of Jan, my car is at the dealer. But the service man tells me I have to agree to pay a $105 diagnose fee. I assume this fee is to check the car to see if this situation is warrantied or not. Or to see if I'm the one neglecting it or not.

It's supposed to be, if they find that this problem is warrantied, then I don't need to pay $105. But if they THINK it's "my fault" I have to pay the $105 just to look at it. But if they THINK it's my fault, and I choose to have them fix it, I can put the $105 toward the repair. NO WAY IN """" AM I going to pay for ANYTHING. Because I know they are going to try to charge me quadzillion dollars to fix it.

I'm just going take the car and make the dealer $105 richer. Have to succumb. Then use the hammer trick (wish I would have thought about that before).

I'm yet to hear from them later on. I'll post later with updates.

30th Jan 2016, 20:48

Wait, the "hammer trick"?

Is THAT what happened to your mailbox?

Also, WD-40 is the LAST thing you should ever use on locks!!

24th Aug 2017, 04:18

OK y'all! This is Aug 23, 2017. I still have my 2013 Rio. Still the original owner. It has 73000 miles as of today. My car is all fine at the moment. But I do get the pinging noise from the engine from hard acceleration. So, I just try not to accelerate hard, LIVE with it. About the key problem, the reason for it was because I was using a spare key. Had a spare made because I lost all of the originals. The spare keys don't work good!!!

So all in all, the only problem is the pinging in the engine, but as long as I don't accelerate hard, it's OK. Also, one other little problem. The air bag light is on. And it has not turned off. This is all at 73000 miles (NOT kilometers now).

I'm still 110% happy with my Rio! Had it for 4 1/2 years. It's been good otherwise. The car takes the beating of my kids really well. And I still really love the stereo! Great stereo!

24th Aug 2017, 10:33

Re: the pinging - get it checked out. It could be something very simple - don't live with it. You may also try just using a higher-octane fuel.