30th Jan 2016, 20:48

Wait, the "hammer trick"?

Is THAT what happened to your mailbox?

Also, WD-40 is the LAST thing you should ever use on locks!!

24th Aug 2017, 04:18

OK y'all! This is Aug 23, 2017. I still have my 2013 Rio. Still the original owner. It has 73000 miles as of today. My car is all fine at the moment. But I do get the pinging noise from the engine from hard acceleration. So, I just try not to accelerate hard, LIVE with it. About the key problem, the reason for it was because I was using a spare key. Had a spare made because I lost all of the originals. The spare keys don't work good!!!

So all in all, the only problem is the pinging in the engine, but as long as I don't accelerate hard, it's OK. Also, one other little problem. The air bag light is on. And it has not turned off. This is all at 73000 miles (NOT kilometers now).

I'm still 110% happy with my Rio! Had it for 4 1/2 years. It's been good otherwise. The car takes the beating of my kids really well. And I still really love the stereo! Great stereo!

24th Aug 2017, 10:33

Re: the pinging - get it checked out. It could be something very simple - don't live with it. You may also try just using a higher-octane fuel.

29th Jan 2019, 06:05

OK y'all. Gilbert here.. Jan 28 2019! I STILL have the 2013 Kia Rio I bought brand new now going onto 6 years! My Rio has about 85000 miles. No problems with the engine or transmission. Still great! The clutch is still in good order. The car has been good so far. About the keys. I had to do a permanent repair on the ignition switch.

At about 78k miles, the front brakes finally wore out. I replaced the pads on the front and at the same time the back brakes wore out as well. So this is the second set of brakes on the rear. The original Kumho tires gave me about 60k miles. The headlights are starting to fade. The paint and interior is holding out really good! This car gets a beating from my kids. And the interior still looks fine (after a good cleaning). The plastics are definitely NOT cheaply made! It's QUALITY materials for the whole car really. FOR BEING THE CHEAPEST CAR YOU CAN BUY!

I still love the stereo by the way! And I'm still 110% happy with my car!