10th Dec 2009, 16:52

I am the original poster, and I would like to respond to the comment above.

1.) Thank you for letting me know that. It really does help me feel more positive about the car (this is the first "new" car I have owned), and knowing it will require the break-in period makes me feel better about the gas mileage.

2.) I would have to disagree with you on this point. The Toyota dealer let us try the car out for a weekend to see what we thought of it. The materials used inside the car feel considerably more substantial than what the Rio has to offer. My thought is that with the much cheaper price on the car, this is the corner that they may have had to cut to get it at the price needed. The Corolla didn't have the plastic overload like the Rio did... either that, or the Corolla used a different kind of plastic that didn't FEEL plasticy. Also, how much would it have been to add the Cruise Control?? I mean, I would have paid the extra couple hundred dollars needed. Now I will have to go and get an aftermarket Cruise, as this is a grinding point for me.

3.) The gas squirting issue has happened with numerous other owners, and it happens pretty much every gas station I go to. I use the little lever to hold down the gas pumping, and it should auto-shutoff before getting to the overflow point. This is the FIRST car I have ever owned that does this (this is about my 15th car, mind you, and this is one of 3 in my driveway right now). I honestly believe this is a defect of some sort, and perhaps a recall should be done on this feature.

Like I said in my review, I actually like the car, it just has some flaws that really could be corrected with little expense added. I do believe the car will prove to be reliable, especially since the 2006 revision.

It's a 1.6L engine, not a 1.5L. The Rio prior to 2006 used the 1.5L, but Kia decided to give the car more "umph" and upgraded it to a 1.6L. This also took out the problem with the timing belt affecting the models prior to 2006 (the timing belt would break, often before the 60k scheduled maintenance, and this would cause the engine to seize up). Plus, with the awesome warranty, this car will pay for itself within the 10 year timeframe.

9th Apr 2010, 07:03

Do you know of any owners of KIA Rios with cracked windscreens?

26th May 2010, 23:25

We have a 2009 Kia Rio, and are having terrible issues with the gas spillage you have mentioned. We have had it worked on three times now, and the last time they replaced the whole gas tank. It is still doing it, and it's not just a little spill, it gurgles out a lot, and I'm now concerned about the paint being effected. It's so frustrating. We are taking it back again and hope to get this resolved. A brand new car should not spit gas at you when you fill it up; we have never had any other vehicle do this.

25th Jun 2010, 00:43

I have a 2009 Kia Rio LX. I have the problem with the gas spitting out at me when I am filling up my tank. It is very annoying.

I have another problem that I recently noticed. My gas mileage is beginning to turn awful. I can watch my gas gauge drop while I am driving. I have had my tires checked, my oil changed again (thinking that may be the problem even though I was not due for one), and my air filter checked. I am bringing the car in tomorrow because it is only 7 months old.

6th Jul 2010, 01:57

I'm sorry guys, but every car will squirt out a little gas when you leave the nozzle in on auto fill. Fact.

12th Jul 2010, 19:03

The "fact" that every car does this is just plain wrong. I have owned, driven, rented, borrowed hundreds of cars over the past 50 years, and have seen this maybe 3 times. Faulty vent or low filler tube angle are the usual causes.

13th Jul 2010, 21:16

I bought my Rio new in April of 2009 - mostly for the mileage, which is horribly disappointing. I'm getting between 175 and 220 miles per tank of gas, and only getting disrespect from the dealership. I am also find that the interior of my car is constantly fogging up, no matter how much or little moisture is in the air, and again getting disrespect from the dealership: "Well, what do you have that's wet in the car?" (nothing...!) "It happens to me and my wife after we go for a run in our own car!" "You've gotten cleaning product in the vents" (I do not use any product in the car thanks to that not a good response). "Well, it's going to fog up if it rains outside." "Well, it takes a while to break in a new car." "My wife's Taurus fluctuates like that, it all depends on how you drive it, but her mileage is like that too." (Rio 5 vs a Taurus!? I should have gone with the Elantra that they were going to make a sweet deal on, but I thought - bigger car = more fuel).

Have taken it in more than once, but really don't think the warranty was worth it. For the hassle with the dealer and being accused of being the cause of these problems, I wish I did not go with a new car! They found a cracked thermostat this spring, and that makes the tanks of only 175miles less frequent, but there is no way that this is what I should be getting. A 2000 Neon that has never been maintained or had anything done to it gets better mileage going at higher speeds.

Not to mention the dealer thought that 'brake cleaner' was what would solve my window fogging problem and a fiasco after that debacle!

So, no results with the warranty dealer. A 2 1/2 hour drive to the next warranty repair place, and no calls back from Kia Canada about my experience in trying to get this fixed.

23rd Aug 2010, 17:03

2 months ago, I bought a used 2009 Kia Rio LX with 36,000 miles on it.

So far my experiences are similar to the rest of you. But I will add that my car has been in the dealership 5 times in these 2 months for brake problems.

Every time that I let the car park and come back, the brakes will make a loud noise, then after 5 minutes, the car works fine. Every time the dealership said, "it's normal", but making a noise that wake up all my neighbors does not seems normal to me.

Anyway, I took a video and showed it to the mechanic at the dealership, he gets upset when I said "don't tell me that this is normal".


1st Sep 2010, 09:50

I bought my 2009 Kia Rio December 31, 2009, and it has been in the shop 11 times. Mostly for the same problems everybody else is having.

My paint started chipping off two day after I drove it off the lot. Did I mention I am the first owner!!!

My brakes are a constant problem. Very loud and very annoying. I have been told three times now it is due to a "glaze" on the brakes, and they fix it with a solution, but within a matter of hours the noise is back. I was asked by the dealership if I was trying to get new brakes before the warranty is up on them. Well I would have to say no to that, since I have been having a problem with them since two months after buying the car. They tell me this is "normal".

I've had TPMS problems, electrical problems, and my windows fog on the inside all the time. I started talking to Kia Inc about the problems when they first started. Their only advice to me is take it into the shop.