18th May 2011, 16:34

I just purchased a 2009 Kia Rio LX on May 4th, 2011. I filled the auto up on Saturday May 14th and had the same problem with gas run over. I think I'm gonna take it back to the dealer to find out what needs to be done also.

Thanks for everyone's comments to let me know that I am not the only person having this issue.

Also is the OFF light staying on concerning the Air Bag?

Please advise!

31st May 2011, 04:06

The OFF light could be one of two things:

Could have to do with no one sitting in the passenger front seat, which will make it show an OFF light;

Or, it could have to do with the Overdrive switch on the shifter (I think it shows OFF when not in use).

10th Mar 2012, 17:35

I've got the same brake problems with my 2009 Kia Rio LX model. Every morning when I push the brakes, they make a horrible squeal or noise for the first 5 minutes of driving it, or in the afternoon when I come out of work. I checked them, and the noise comes from the rear drums. I went to the dealer, but they say that it is normal. But I think that a new car with only 9,000 miles on it, isn't suppose to make that type of noise. So now I'm trying to figure out a solution to the problem. Any suggestions???

3rd May 2012, 11:03

I have a 2009 Kia Rio, and I have had this same issue with gasoline gurgling back out of the tank after the pump clicks off. This is a problem I have had since I bought the car brand new almost three years ago. I even went with one of the techs from the dealership to the gas station, in the hopes that it would happen with a witness present, but alas, like the check engine light turning off as soon as you get to the mechanic, nothing happened (so I recorded the event on my phone and showed the tech that instead).

I have taken the car to the dealership about 5 or 6 times for this same problem over the time I have owned it, and they can't seem to figure out what the problem is. I think, and I am far from a professional, that it may not be venting correctly. Every car I have ever owned has small holes where gasses escape as you fill up. These holes were much larger in my previous vehicles, and I never had this problem before I purchased my Rio. The car does not spit up gas every single time I fill it up, but the chance is always greater if I let it get too far towards the E, although that is not always the case (I have had it spit up with half a tank of gas before).

At this point I am resigned to dealing with this problem until it is time to get a new car. It certainly will not be a Kia. A new car really shouldn't spit up gas when it is filled up, and I feel that some of the parts seem to wear out prematurely. Thank goodness for that warranty.

15th Apr 2013, 20:03

I have a 09 Kia Rio. I have replaced the engine coils twice now. Getting ready to do it again. I did so with aftermarket parts (OE). I am being told that because of the way the Kia engines are, that they only accept OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) parts. Has anyone had problems replacing parts on their engines? Because frankly it is getting expensive.