8th Feb 2002, 10:05

I am currently looking for a new car. I have a Honda and this would be for my wife. I am seriously looking at a Kia Rio, but have a hard time getting reports, good or bad, can you please help. My email is jmv38@hotmail.com

2nd Mar 2002, 22:05

I'd love to know where you got your information on older Kias holding up, as I've heard nothing but negative reports on them. Everyone I know who has one never gets to drive it, as it spends much of the time in the shop.

21st May 2002, 21:43

I bought my Kia Rio May 2001 and have put on 30,000 miles already. It has never given me any bit of trouble. I live in the central Idaho mountains and it handles well in the snow as long as a plow has gone through first. Not much clearance. Even in cold temp I have had no trouble starting it. It has lots of power and is worth the price.

5th Jun 2004, 16:41

My Central Idaho fellow "owner of a 2001 Kia Rio with 30.000 Mils";I suggest you buy a lottery ticket immediately, with the kind of luck you got, you might as well get hit by the lightning every day.

12th Mar 2005, 03:02

I agree with the first comment,

It is a good car.

I have the basic model LS 2001 since the beginning. The lemon one.

I just change it the oil every 3 months... that's all...

It is the better car if we consider the price...

Horse power... well it is like a diesel car...

I use it per 60 miles per day, 6 days/week... also to carry another small cars a few times (like 20 or 25 times)

Previous cars: Mitsubishi Lancer (Mirage) 1986 diesel, Mitsubishi lancer GL 1995, Nissan Sentra B13 1996, Nissan Sentra B15 2002.

I still have the last sentra and kia...

29th Jan 2006, 10:50

Hi, I am also a proud Kia Rio driver. Mines the normal 2001 LS model as well, and I've gotta say that yes I have heard bad reports, my best friend has one that blew up at 70,000km, but for some reason I still bought one myself with 40,000km on the clock. Since owning it, I have now racked it up to 130,000km, I have had the regular servicing, the timing belts and all in check, and the car still runs like a dream getting between 600-680km's per tank of fuel. I cannot complain about my own car. Its comfortable, cheap to run, cheap to insure and might I just add, there are a few drivers of larger cars that now know that my Kia is much quicker from the lights than their V6 Gas-guzzlers. I guess its all just a luck of the draw. If anyones after a Kia Rio, get it checked by RACV first. GO THE MIGHTY RIO!