2001 Kia Rio LX 1.5 DOCH from Spain


Good price, all extras included


None at the moment.

General Comments:

My first idea was to buy a second hand card because the money I could spend on it. But when I saw I could have all I wanted in a brand new car I didn't doubt.

I really mind security in a car and the Rio LS comes with almost any devices I was looking for.

The power of the 1.5 engine is enough for my driving. And in addition the fuel mileage is very near to the announced 7.2.

I had read about two problems: noise and suspension. I have compared them with other cars and found that it is not more noisy or less comfortable.

I use my car daily in the city and from time to time make trips of over 500 km. I think I got a car which is comfortable and modern and I like the way it looks. Also sometimes I need to carry extra luggage and all fit in it.

I think I got the car I paid for.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2002

2001 Kia Rio LS 1.5 from Costa Rica


A good business


Distortion in the speaker's sound in the driver's door.

Problem with the injection system.

General Comments:

In general terms, I am very satisfied with the car.

The problem with the injectors was not important since it was solved quickly and it was caused by a bad cleaning of the motor.

It is a very comfortable car, with good suspension, speedy and strong when it is required.

It is very economic, either in city or in open land.

The car has a very modern line that gets the attention, sport without falling in ends.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2002

2001 Kia Rio Standard 1.5 from North America


A reliable, powerful sub-compact car to accessorize my driving needs


To this date, this car has performed extremely well. There have been no problems thus far (and hopefully, there won't be any problems!)

General Comments:

This car has proved me correct in my choice to purchase an attractive, reliable, fun car.

The stereo that came in my car, is also very impressive. Not only does it sound great, it's extremely easy to use. The CD player is also a luxury, given the fact that I am in an area which doesn't pick up many radio stations.

I enjoy my Kia Rio, not only because of the excellent performance, but also the appearance. My Kia model is a beautiful gold color. The paint glimmers in any light, which is an absolute eye catcher. The interior is well set out by contrasting medians, which really makes the Rio's interior live up to its spunky exterior.

I am crossing my fingers that the Kia Rio will do well in snow. Although it has a low clearance, I look forward to using it on my daily commute to work, and for leisure purposes... rain or shine, snow or ice.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2001

2001 Kia Rio LS 1.5 DOHC from Australia and New Zealand


Well worth it


Absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

When we bought the car we upgraded it with 15" mags, a rear spoiler, sport suspension and tinted windows. We got the gold colour and the number of people that approach us to have a closer look is quite astounding. When we travel long distances it will quite happily sit on (above) the speed limit of 110km/h. Around the city it accelerates just as fast as the next car but we have to refill ours less. When we first bought it we were getting 550km to the tank and now we are getting close to 610km. We love it.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2001

30th Jan 2002, 19:20

Don't get too attached to it. Chances are it will fall apart within a few years. Once the maintenance and repair costs start to mount, you can expect to be hunting for another car.

5th Feb 2002, 03:11

And why is that exactly? Previous Kia models have held up very well, why should this model be any different?

2001 Kia Rio 1.5 from North America


It is the best investment I have made in cars


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

I went from Miami to New York when I first bought the car. It drove great and then I drove back. The only thing I did was an oil change and checked the water.

I drive long distance to go to work, an average of 66 miles a day, and the gas is great, I spend $13 every 5 days. It runs perfect for the size of the engine.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2001

15th May 2001, 19:53

Kia cars are great, I am in love with mine. You are very right, mileage is marvelous, I can say it is true, it's a very good investment.

28th Aug 2001, 13:47

How do you like the manual. I have read they are not so good?

14th Sep 2001, 00:33

My 5 speed is great, has no problems, can keep up and sometimes take Hondas. 17500 miles since April 1st, so nothing bad about it.