24th May 2008, 18:32

I've had a 2002 Kia Rio RX-V since 2004. It's got 160,000 kms now and it still drives like it did when I first got it. Just regular oil changes, tune ups, and I just replaced the front brakes. I will hang onto this car for as long as I can! The most reliable car I have ever had (and I owned a Honda before her!)

25th Jun 2008, 12:30

My 2002 Rio Cinco automatic has been a pretty good car. I bought it new. EPA was 25/30, but I average 33 to 35 and never less than 30, even in Maine's worst winter.

While living in Phoenix, I had to get the motor mounts replaced after 3 years, which folks tell me is not unusual in that heat.

The original tires only lasted 20K, and it now wears Michelins with 68,000 miles on the car and they are still good.

Nothing major, and no other downtime except for scheduled service at the dealer.

The dealer is another story. They are not competent. I've been to 3 different ones, and they seem pretty clueless. The first one suggested I bend the door frame by standing on it to fix a sticky door lock.

The second one replaced a bad turn signal lever that wouldn't automatically cancel, and when they put the steering wheel back on, it was about 30 degrees off center.

The next one did a 60K service because my check engine light came on, and afterwards, it came on again after another 125 miles. That was a year ago, and I haven't been back. I use the Click and Clack black electrical tape instead. Seems to work the best.

The car wears roof racks and a trailer hitch for dozens of trips to Home Depot. It's still doing just fine in spite of this abuse. However, I've talked to other Kia owners and the overall opinion is that the Kia is of poor quality and the warranty isn't worth the paper its written on. They don't honor it without a knock down, drag out fight. Aveo, anyone?

15th Sep 2008, 16:49

I have a 2004 KIA RIO that I bought new. I am the only driver with this vehicle. lets start from the beginning.

Fuel pump replaced by KIA at 1000km.

Leaking right axle seal. Worn out wheel bearings at 40000km.

Car hesitating at lights and stop signs. On going.

Cigarette lighter compartment fell apart replaced.

Front head light replaced at 20000 km.

Car sucks gas, no matter what treatments or style of driving.

Heat shield part one fell off.

Left rear strut replaced at 90000 km.

Emergency brake cable not holding. Adjusted at 90000 km.

Heater blower replaced at 80000km.

Heat shield part 2 loose.

Radiator gone at 100 900km.

Engine gone at 107000 km timing belt went.

O2 sensors replaced.

Now at 132000 km looking at the following repairs. front suspension issues. Still undiagnosed but have gone through 2 tires in less than 9 months.

Car still sucks gas. Vibrates and feels like its going to stall.

Have rubber burning smell once in a while or wire burning smell again once in a while. Cannot find fault.

I gave up a good vehicle because it had high mileage for this piece of crap, because I was driving far distances for work and wanted a reliable vehicle. Boy was I wrong.


23rd Nov 2008, 19:18

I was given a 2001 Kia Rio by a friend in exchange for storing it and other things for over a year and having it towed and such when we moved. I was aware of a few issues with it when I got it. All and all the car has been fair in comparison to some on here but I have already put insane amounts of money into the vehicle.

Car had 46k when we got it this last summer I...

Changed the tires.

Changed the Right half Axle.

Then there was a transmission leak.

Regular tune up.

Regular oil change.

Driving down the road my front tire (less than 6 months old)

Pops and I learn that bad alignment was the cause. (even though it was done when they replaced the half axle again less than 6 months ago)

Another new set of tires.

Car shakes violently and feels like it will shut off until I accelerate.

I love my kia but it is becoming a boone to own.. I would love to join in a class action if poss...Tatjannam@gmail.com.

28th Dec 2008, 17:07

Hi, my wife and I bought our KIA RIO RS brand new in 2003.

In the first couple months the engine lights were coming on and off. We went to Kia and were told that this is normal with these kind of cars, and that it will go away. Until one day, when it came on while going on a hill, and the car did not have any power at all. Brought it to KIA and they put it on the computer, and we were told that it was the spark plugs.

So we changed the plugs, wires, fuel filter and timing belt. And it ran pretty good for a couple of months, and now it's doing the same thing; no power. And now when you try to start it, it does not want to start. So guess what, I`m going to see the dealership again this week. All I can say is that we will never buy from KIA again after reading all these comments.

Thanks, skitcher91.

8th Jun 2009, 19:07

Back in '02 I had a temp job for a couple days driving brand-new KIA'S from parking lots at Port of Tacoma (fresh off the boats from Korea) to various locations where they awaited pickup to dealerships. I drove various models, all with less than 3 miles on the odometers, for several miles at speeds varying from 15-45 mph.

I was shocked at the lack of quality of these poorly-manufactured vehicles. Several of the stick-shift RIO'S I drove already had howling transmissions, and another made a grinding noise.. I also remember one of their minivans having electrical issues and another one (OPTIMA I think or SPECTRA) already had busted pieces in the interior, cheap plastics. One of the cars I jumped into wouldn't even start. These were all BRAND NEW cars fresh off the boat. I'd NEVER buy one of these deathtraps, whether new or used.

As for the RIO, that particular model.. haha I remember us temps rushing to get to the other ones that were a bit more fun to drive, and all the RIOs would be left for the last guys off the tram, tells you something about that one..

26th Aug 2009, 13:09

I bought a 2002 4-dr Kia Rio with an AT for my wife back in December of 2002. The brakes started to go at 40K so we had Midas replace them with a lifetime warranty set. The front rotors had to be turned of course, but the rear drums had to be replaced because they don't have enough material in them to turn if needed. A few weeks after the brake job the rear passenger wheel started to make a lot of noise. Thought it may be due to the brake job so I took it back to Midas. They stated the wheel bearing was bad. I called the Kia dealership and they told me wheel bearings were covered under warranty, so I had them replace it. The car now has 76K on it and all the wheel bearings have been replaced 4 times now! In fact the last set installed lasted less than a month!

At 50K the gas gauge stopped working... $600 bucks later after they replaced every fuel system part in the car, it's working again, but far from accurate anymore.

Now the automatic transmission is starting to act up. If I come to a semi-abrupt stop and then get back on the gas, the transmission will slip just a little at initial throttle tip in. Well two weeks ago I had to make a hard panic stop from 65MPH. The car would not move an inch after that! I was stuck in the middle of the road! Drive, reverse, low, 2nd, OD off, OD on, didn't matter... all the engine would do is rev, but the car went nowhere. I pushed it off the side of the road and walked to work. 2 hours later a coworker and I went back with a tow strap so we could drag the car to the Kia dealership. Once I got into the car I started it and put it in drive... lo and behold she was moving again! I drove it to the dealership and had them take a look at it... they said they found a couple codes in the computer which they cleared... they also said they tightened up the grounds. Well the transmission still has a slight slip after a semi-abrupt stop. Wonder what will happen if I have to slam the brakes on hard again?

Last Kia I will ever own.