19th Apr 2009, 18:47

2004 Manual Kia Rio owner here. I've 70000 miles on it and I've had NO issues at all. This car takes me everywhere. Work, into the Sierra Mountains to go skiing, long road trips, camping and it's been great. The only issues I've had were of my own doing.

At 70000 it's been an amazing car, and my first car at that. I can't complain. Perhaps there was a dud in the line.

23rd Apr 2009, 22:35

I had the problem with the max airflow sensor... I had to have it replaced four times. When a mechanic from another garage suggested having the computer turned off on the car and then have it turn back on. Apparently, the computer needs to reset to the new sensor. No problems since then... well, with the max air flow sensor. Everything else seems to fall under normal maintenance issues.

14th Aug 2010, 20:40

Hi from Australia. I have a 2004 Kia Rio, which coughed and spluttered, then died on me at 62,000 kms. No warning lights came on at all. My mechanic has had to replace the crankshaft sensor and still not running right. He checked the compression, and found I had lost compression in third cylinder down to 70 pounds; should be 200 pounds. That after only 62,000 kms, getting rid of it, only matter of time before the engine goes.

5th Oct 2010, 18:04

I had a 2001 Kia Rio. The main problem I had with it is the transmission went out, luckily before 60000 miles. The Kia dealership told me it was because I did not keep up with oil changes. I told them that I bought it from Ford at 35000 miles, and all I had to do is take it in and Kia would replace anything serious for free before 60000 miles. It makes me wonder, if I had not bought it from the Ford dealer that was across the street, would they make me pay for it?

Anyway, the engine just crapped out at 169000. I am thinking of buying a 2004 Kia Rio with 10000 miles. I think if I buy it, I want to make sure that the Kia dealer will fix anything before 60000 miles, and since a private owner is selling it to me, will they believe I kept up on the oil?

Kinda sketchy, but I can get the Kias so cheap with low miles so? Hmmm.

6th Apr 2011, 17:19

I've been driving my Rio for 5 years and aside from scheduled maintenance and a new battery last year, it's never cost me an extra cent. Actually it's one of the most reliable cars I've ever owned.