2008 Kia Rondo from North America


Good around town, fair gas mileage


At 52,000 miles the engine blew up. I have always serviced the car regularly. Kia put a new engine in it; no charge.

My wife & I love to drive it around town, but made a mistake when we first bought it, and took it on a long trip. Not a highway car.

Would buy another no problem. Kia service has been great.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2012

2008 Kia Rondo LX 2.7 V6 from North America


Great car for the price


Car seat anchor covers broke almost immediately.

Interior easily appears soiled (tan interior).

Wind noise at freeway speeds from driver's side window; very minor though.

General Comments:

I purchased the vehicle used, and made the choice between the Rondo and a Chevy Malibu Maxx. For the price, the Kia was more, but the mileage, warranty, and overall vehicle was a better fit for my family, and I wouldn't turn back now.

The V6 and 5 speed auto work together greatly, and put down passing power very well. I have never had to question if the car will fall short of necessary power.

I average 20MPG in mix use driving, which is understandable for a small V6 on a large size wagon, plus I have a heavy foot.

Ample cargo areas and space, the under floor cargo in the hatch area is just plain awesome and handy for things that may spill (had to test this during Thanksgiving time with a few food dishes). The overall seating area though is quite impressive, though smallish from the outside, sitting inside almost makes you feel like you're in a much larger car with how much head room and seating space there is. 4 grown adults can fit in this car very comfortably no problems.

The ride is great and composed for a car in this class/price range. You feel the road well enough, but not every pebble.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2010

2007 Kia Rondo LX 2.7 Liter V6 from North America


Nice on the outside, mechanically abhorrent


Since purchasing our Rondo in January of 2009, it has been back to the dealership at lease 8 times (none for routine maintenance).

Three of the four oxygen sensors have been replaced.

The parking brake has had to be adjusted twice.

The hub on the A/C unit went out and has had to be replaced.

The transmission computer has been reset.

The transmission will sometimes not shift, or will slam into gear.

There is a foul smell coming from the vents when we first start the car after it sits for a bit, etc.

General Comments:

We bought the KIA Rondo to replace our 2005 Ford Focus ZX4 that had just been totaled. So far, we wish that we had gotten another Focus.

The gas mileage is beyond horrible. We are supposed to get between 18-22 in town and up to 27 on the highway, and we are only getting about 12 in town, and maybe 20 on the highway (this is at 60 mph too). I find it sad that our 05 Chevy Malibu gets better mileage than the KIA.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2009

4th Jan 2010, 14:59

Hello, all... original poster here! So after having the car for ALMOST a year, we decided that it was time to say goodbye! Since I originally posted this review, it has been in the shop an additional 5 times (for a grand total of 13 times in the shop, none for scheduled maintenance, in 12k miles). Our gas mileage never got any better, even after switching to synthetic oil, changing to a K&N air filter, and having the fuel filter changed and injectors cleaned!

Yesterday, we went to a local Toyota dealership to look at a Corolla, and ended up leaving in a Prius! Bye bye, bad gas mileage!

2008 Kia Rondo LX V6 2.7 V6 Gasolin from North America


Very nice car


Air conditioner stinks (after getting the ventilation opened when parking it, the bad smell went away).

Suspension noise and no good feeling.

Air conditioner and heater malfunctioned (no control until I restarted the engine).

Gas mileage was not as advertised.

- Advertisement : 18MPG (City : 14 to 22 MPG) / 26 MPG (Highway : 21 to 31 MPG)

- Gas mileage I had : 18-20 MPG (City) / 22-23.5 MPG (Highway) I have never gotten more than 23.5 MPG, even with 60-65 mph on highway using cruise control. The gas mileage on highway is a lot inflated.

Helicopter wind noise when opening the rear windows over 50 mph in speed. Very uncomfortable noise. You feel pain in your ears. No kidding.

Seats can be dirty very easily (very cheap materials used).

General Comments:

Overall, the 2008 Kia Rondo V6 is a really nice car.

Very responsive in driving.

Good gas mileage in the city (18-20mpg).

6 air bags (driver, passenger, side, and curtain).

Recommended. 5 stars.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2009

21st May 2009, 08:05

All cars make that "helicopter noise" if the rear windows are open at speed.

21st May 2009, 14:13

Agreed on the helicopter noise, doesn't even have to be the rear windows. My Galant does that, so I either open all windows to some degree or keep them shut.

21st May 2009, 18:36

Helicopter noise that I mentioned is extremely high in degree compared to other cars. I am not kidding.