2004 Kia Sedona LX from North America


It's an electrical mess



Car ran without keys in it, we had to disconnect the battery to shut the car off.

Replaced starter.

Replaced shifter.

All lights on in the car, but the car will not start; again we have to disconnect the battery to turn the lights off.

Roof leaks on passenger side.

A couple recalls.

Passenger door will not unlock.

General Comments:

This is the worst car I have ever owned. At 30,000 miles it began falling apart. We purchased the Sedona because of the price and high safety rating. I have broken down 4 times with my 2 and 4 year old in it, THAT IS NOT SAFE!

The warranty has expired and we still owe a large chunk of money on it. The dealership basically told me these are good cars, but I just happened to get a bad one and to deal with it. I'm scared to drive it far from home, because I never know if it's going to start or if I will be able to turn it off.

Literally, the car ran for days without keys in it. Endless electrical problems, what a nightmare.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2009

2004 Kia Sedona from North America


I hated it


I would never ever ever buy another Kia.

Before we got rid of it, we had every single wheel bearing in every single wheel replaced at least once. Many of them multiple times.

Both the rear and front axles broke. I happened to be pulling into McDonalds when it happened. I have four kids and wonder how it would have played out if I had been going down the highway at 65 mph.

The air conditioning had to be fixed twice.

The engine had to be replaced. Evidently our fault since we could not PROVE that we had replaced the oil every 3000 miles.

The buttons for the air/radio/lights/etc. All started showing sign of wear almost immediately.

The radio would short out for no reason whatsoever.

I hate Kias, and do everything in my power to keep other people from buying them.

General Comments:

I loved my Kia when I first got it, but that quickly turned as I had to have more and more work done on it. When it was covered under warranty, it wasn't such a big deal, but when I had to pay to have the engine replaced, it sent me over the edge. The people at Kia were never any help. I will never buy another Kia.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2009

2004 Kia Sedona from North America




Several issues, but the main one is the brake rotors. I think we are on the 4th set. The first set last 3 years and we paid for replacements. Since then, nothing but problems, and no they will no longer replace them, even though they are under warranty!

General Comments:

OK experience, but will not be back.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2009

2004 Kia Sedona EX from North America


Good vehicle, but problems need resolving


Tuesday Dec 9, 2008.

Rust appeared on the hood of our 2004 Sedona EX about 2 years ago. It started as small pimples/spots below the grill both on the inside and the outside. We mentioned this to our dealer and were told that this was caused by stone chips, and it's not covered under warranty. Their opinion was that the rust is only on the surface, and had not broken through or perforated the surface.

The rust got progressively worse, and recently we finally got the dealership to bring in their Area Service Manager to inspect. On the morning of the inspection, I met another customer who was also there to have his 2004 Sedona inspected... for rust on the hood in the exact same spot.

After inspection the dealership agreed to call us upon completion of their findings. A day later we received a call and were told that repairing the hood would not be advisable. I told them that I have heard of other Sedona owners insisting that the hood be replaced.

They agree that the hood needs to be replaced. The cost for repair is $1102.64 and their offer is that we each pay 1/3!!! Dealership 1/3, KIA Canada 1/3, customer 1/3. I also only have a limited time to accept this offer???

I've owned cars for over 30 years and have had rust problems with some of them, but have never heard of this.

They insist that this is an isolated problem, even after I sent them pictures of 5 other 2004 Sedona vehicles with identical rust marks and a promise to send more in the coming weeks.

After doing some limited research, I found rust problems on earlier models, but we were assured that these problems had been resolved in newer models.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Also, please be aware that if you do have a Sedona around this age, make sure you insist that they check the REAR COOLANT LINES. These are also starting to rust out, and I already know of one person who recently replaced his engine when the line broke. KIA is aware of this, and will repair under warranty, but only if you INSIST that they check this. They will not check this as part of their regular inspection.

General Comments:

Pictures available upon request.

Am looking for similar pictures to send back to manufacturer

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Review Date: 9th December, 2008

19th Oct 2009, 13:16

Excellent advice. You are absolutely right. I am one of those who had a problem with the rear coolant lines. End result was a blown head gasket. I had to fight with Kia to have it repaired under the warranty. Insist they check them and keep good records so you don't have to do battle with Kia.