2006 Kia Sedona from North America


Terrible, Trully a disgrace


It started on fire.

It broke down on the freeway due to electrical problems.

CD player Jammed.

Rear hatch will NOT open, handle linkage broken.

Passenger headlight leaks in water and clouds up.

General Comments:

I was going to buy a Dodge, but kia's warranty lured me in. Don't let it happen to you! They have warrantied the electrical problems and the leaky gas valve under the hood, but they refused us a loaner... only offered to cart us around in a courtesy vehicle. I have 4 children and I run a daycare so I cannot rely on somrone else to pick us up.

I am lost regarding this vehicle, every time I turn around, something else is wrong with the vehicle or wrong with the warranty coverage.

I hate looking at my van.

I plan to sue.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2007

2006 Kia Sedona EX from North America


Unsure at this time


The gas mileage we are getting is poor - 18 on the highway.

Now, we are experiencing engine surge when coming to a complete stop. One time, I shifted to neutral to negate fighting the engine as it revved up to 5000 rpms.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem either with gas mileage or engine surging?

General Comments:

So far, the van is a mixed experience. On the one hand, it is delightful to drive and very comfortable inside. On the other, we have had some problems. We hope these problems can be corrected and do not represent the tip of the iceberg, as we really enjoy driving and riding in this van.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2007

4th May 2010, 17:37

We are having surging problems with our Kia Sedona, and the dealership says that they can't find anything wrong with it. Did you get your problem resolved; if so, how?

2006 Kia Sedona EX 3.8 from North America


If your in the market, you OWE it to yourself to have this van on your short list!



General Comments:

I didn't think I'd ever own a Kia! After owning several Dodge Grand Caravans (you would think I would have learned my lesson after the first one!!), I decided to look at the import mini-vans. Looked at Toyota, Nissan and of course Honda. All are solid contenders, but as luck would have it, I ended up at a Nissan/Kia dealership. I was looking at the Quest, and voicing some of my objections to the salesperson... after listening to what I was looking for in a van, he asked if I'd looked into the Sedona - I almost laughed!! Kia?!? Well, he talked me into looking at one, and to be honest I was not interested - after all, it's a Kia!!! And the name alone turned me off, but I promised the salesperson I would at least do some research into the Sedona before I decided on a van.

Well true to my word, that evening I looked online at a few reviews... well researching is what I do, so I was intrigued quickly. As long and hard as I looked, I simply could find nary a negative word written about this van! So, the next obvious step was to drive one.

The family and I headed over the next evening, not at all prepared to buy this van, but... the thing drives incredibly smooth, incredible power (for a mini-van that is!), very sharp styling, and VERY well thought out. We have 3 kidlets ages 6, 4 and 4, so we are VERY sensitive to the layout and functionality of a van. The only problem I can think to verbalize is that if you buy the FULLY loaded EX, the DVD player lowers the headroom in the center portion of the van by about 4" - not a deal breaker, but something KIA could improve.

OK, so we bought it - and so far so good, time of course will tell, but with the 5 year full warranty I feel pretty safe. And speaking of safe (sorry for the cheese!:), this van IS certified as the safest on the road!

No I'm NOT a KIA employee or salesperson

No I've Never completed a survey such as this before.

Yes, YOU should at least look at the KIA if you're in the market - IMHO it's the best van for less money than the competition.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2006

12th Nov 2006, 04:43

Could you please update us?

20th Aug 2007, 01:30

"As long and hard as I looked I simply could find nary a negative word written about this van! So, the next obvious step was to drive one."


I've got some statistics for you:

- No brand depreciates more rapidly. After 3 years they are worth about a third of the new price

- No brand are more difficult to trade in unless you trade in at a Kia dealer. Try to do a trade in for a Sedona at a Toyota dealer. That's almost not possible. Nobody wants them as trade-ins because they are so bad and difficult to work on. The Toyota dealer downright told me that he wasn't interested

- Few models have more problem than the Sedonas. I don't know about the absolutely new ones, but the last generation Sedonas have a lot of problems and weaknesses. I mean why can't Kia make brakes? Or head gaskets that last more than a year?

- Reviews aren't that good either. Reviewers are positive about low price and roominess, but that's it

- Consumer reviews aren't good either. Sedona owners are in the lower section regarding owner satisfaction. You have to be blind not to see this.

I've owned two Sedonas. First one was a disaster. I was more or less forced to trade in after two years to a new Sedona. This was better, but still pretty bad compared to any other car I've ever owned. Why did I trade in a new Sedona? I was stuck you know. I had a car that never worked and nobody wanted as trade in. I never bought that third Sedona even if tempted. I chose to take a huge loss and swap to Toyota. No more Sedonas for me.