4th Sep 2007, 23:33

Unlike the original poster who could find nary a negative comment about the Kia, I have been researching the KIA while getting ready to shop for a new minivan (currently own a 2000 Chrysler Voyager, never have had a major problem of any kind) and when checking out reviews like at carreviews, there were 41 reviews and not more than 5 or 6 were positive. Thinking of staying with the Chrysler, especially now that they are offering a lifetime powertrain warranty.

5th Sep 2007, 01:07

The German ADAC has some pretty nasty statistics regarding the Carnival/Sedona safety: Bottom of class and "worst car in any class". A lot of serious brake problems even in near new cars.

28th Sep 2007, 07:57

Knowing the product, the issue is the new design sedona has a major issue with rear tires cupping due the in inaccurate set up on the rear independent suspension, from the factory tires with less than ten thousand miles on them have a issue. Information when a tire starts to cup, edge wear (and not due to air pressure or alignment that type of wear pattern cannot be reversed. To see thison several Sedonas there is an issue here... All the answers we have been able to obtain are must be owners fault or driving conditions. What a JOKE WE ARE STILL LOOKING INTO THIS WITH SEVERAL STUDIES AND FACTUAL DOCUMENTATION.

31st Aug 2008, 08:51

I have done a lot of research on mini vans recently and plan on getting a slightly used 2008 Sedona. The original post is for a 2006 Sedona, which is the current generation.

A lot of the comments refer to the last generation Sedona. From my research it seems the current generation Sedona is much better then the last generation. Edmunds and Consumer Reports give the current generation Sedona great reviews.

I do agree that the resale is not the greatest, which can work to you advantage if you are buying a used one and plan to keep it till it dies.

8th Oct 2008, 12:14

I recently rented a Sedona for a week. It had 7500 miles on it so I suppose this was a 2008 model. I got ride of my 1997 Caravan in this summer (thank goodness) and was very surprised with the Kia.

Yes I am comparing a new vehicle to a 10 year old one, but the Kia seemed to have better power, more room and a better driving position for a 6 foot driver. I know I will never buy another Dodge van. I would consider a Kia. I did like the center door roll down windows. The power is a little abrupt in the wet (Oregon).

Gas mileage was a little suspect. I didn't keep track for the week I had it, but did seem a bit high.

10th Dec 2008, 20:44

As the owner of a "current" generation Sedona (2006 EX). And just having completed the 30,000 mile service. I can add the following:

Milage: 30227

Cost of 30K service $254.24 Bulington KIA, Burlington NJ

The Sedona has only been back to the dealer once for a problem; passenger rear automatic door motor wiring harness shorted out. It took the tech almost 3 days to track it down and we were provided a rental during the down time.

The front rotors ARE warped, the front pads are at 5MM as noted by the tech and while not due for service "yet" it will be soon. The dealer quoted $289.00 for a rotor resurfacing and pad replacment. At which time I thanked him and declined having them do the work. If the rotors warped at 30K, we can be sure that they will not make it another 30K before it happens again after a resurfacing. I can buy NEW pads and rotors for less than their quote.

I'll be replacing them myself with drilled/slotted rotors hopefully that will stop the warping problem for sometime to come.

Other than that we are completely happy with the Sedona, (okay maybe not the resale end), but so far the Van and Dealer have done everything expected by it.

Would I recommend KIA to another, yes. Compare $$ to Options against any of the competion and KIA will come out on top.

Has many posters here have commented, it seems that the buyers of "mini-vans" in general are keeping them until they cannot go any longer, why would the purchase of the Sedona be any different? We plan on keeping it until the 10yr/100,000 mile warranty ends.

2nd Aug 2011, 13:00

We had the same problem, and once I got the tires rotated and properly torqued, the rotor warpage went away. I think the factory does not torque them to the proper torque rating of 90 lbs, thus pulling them out of shape. There's a reason for torque specifications.