9th Sep 2002, 22:30

Virtually all of the points raised in the review are valid.

I considered the Sedona - especially having read the many glowing tributes that are on the 'net. However, seeing the car 'in the flesh' was quite a shock!

Although a large vehicle, it has a very insubstantial feel about it. 'Tinny' would be the best description.

The engine (new vehicle) had a most unpleasant 'growl' - and, when one considers that it's a 2.9 turbo diesel, the power output figures are really quite low!. Volkswagen, for example, get the same amount of torque from a 1.9, and Mazda's 2.0 litre TD not only matches the Kia torque figure, but almost equals the BHP too!

That doesn't say much for Kia technology - *and* the Kia engine is noisy and harsh.

The Kia paintwork is vastly inferior to, say, a Hyundai (to compare with another Korean car). It has an 'orange peel' effect that shouts 'Cheap'!

Kia couldn't even be bothered to use a rubber surround on the tailgate window! - just a cheap piece of (very thin) glass, bonded to the steel, with a gap all the way round.

Similarly, the radiator is very prone to damage - large front air vents with no stone protection. Neither is there a plastic guard fitted under the engine sump (pan, for Yanks) as on virtually all new cars these days.

For those seeking a cheap MPV in the UK, some Hyundai dealers are selling the Trajet 2.0 TD for less than £14,000!! - that's 2.5k less than a Sedona LX, and with higher spec, better looks, and much better build quality PLUS a 5 year warranty.

Bye, Bye, Kia.

18th Apr 2003, 20:08

All I can say is that I run a Sedona as a taxi and do about 70,000 miles a year with no problem must be that you lot either can't drive or you just don't look after your vehicle!

8th Aug 2003, 06:44

Umm, if you wanted a bmw, then why the heck did you buy a kia? oh please! picky! picky! picky!