2nd Dec 2005, 20:59

I don't blame you, Kia makes junk, "pure and simple". I too was mislead by all the glossy write ups and the like. Seems that some of the writers are being paid well, if you know what I mean.

Never "ever" will I buy another Kia. "I've been had" just like many others who thought they were getting a quality vehicle. The only thing Kia is interested in is telling the world that they are the fastest growing automotive manufacturer. Well quess who pays for they're flights of fancy and ego boosting?

Many good, honest, hard working North Americans bought Kia's only to be given the Bums Rush by Kia in more ways than you think. If you think Kia products have value, try to trade one in. You're in for a shock. The rest of the world now knows just how bad these cars really are. If you don't believe me, buy one and see for yourself.

20th Dec 2005, 04:20

I am the owner of the aforementioned KIA. We just traded the van in today!!! YEA!!! I have never been so afraid of what may happen in a car before. I feel such relief to never have to again go back to that service dept. We did not make any money on the deal, but we did not lose any either. We bought a honda. NO MORE KIA EVER!!!

30th Dec 2005, 10:27

Congratulations on dumping your Sedona. You made a wise choice. You can't go wrong buying a Honda.

Fortunatly, I too just traded my 2002 Sedona in on a new van. I broke even, but I had to wait four years to do it. This time I bought North American, a Pontiac Montana SV6. Wow, what a relief!

No more frequent early morning warranty trips to the dealer along with outrageous maintenance and repair costs. No more $42 air filter elements, $18 spark plugs and $1,300 timing belt replacements. Oh what a joy it will be to drive a quality product where an air filter element costs $9, spark plugs cost $4 and no timing belt replacement is required.

I learned my lesson, for those of you thinking about buying a Kia, be weary. It's inexpensive initial purchase price coupled with the warranty make it an appealing choice, but don't be fooled. By the time you factor in the total cost of ownership including it's worthless trade in value, you'd be better off buying something you really like, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, GM, Chrysler anything else other than a Kia.