2002 Kia Sedona from North America


Good economical transportation


My air conditioning line went out.

My alternater had to be replaced.

My windshield had a crack and had to be replaced.

There are small rust spots starting to appear all over the car.

General Comments:

The car only has 28,000 miles and is already starting to rust.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2005

2002 Kia Sedona ex 3.5 V6 from North America


Great van at a great price, will buy another in 2006


The only thing so far was the alternator went bad at 39,000 and the check engine light came on only because of the gas cap not tight, other than that this van is 100% better than ford, dodge, Chevy, Honda, Toyota.this van is just aw-some.

General Comments:

The van has great power, and is fun to drive.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2005

14th Aug 2005, 20:59

You are very lucky or blessed... I am not sure which. I have my sedona in the shop so many times I know everyone in the service dept!!! Just keep an eye on things.

23rd Sep 2005, 12:32

I agree, you've been blessed. You must live right or the "Car Gods" have smiled on you. Let us know when the fantasy ends, as it no doubt will.

Myself, like most of the other Sedona owners, have not been so fortunate. We've been cursed, forced to suffer the realities of owning a Kia.

If I were you, I'd be buying lottery tickets.

2002 Kia Sedona ex from North America


Kia still has a long road ahead of them to make a adequate minivan


I had to get new tires and brakes at 22000 miles. I am needing new brakes and tires yet again at 63000 miles.

The check engine light still is on after at least 6 trips to the dealer to have it corrected.

My battery has been replaced twice.

The belts are squeaking.

General Comments:

The van was great for the first three months and since then we have been in the service department more times than I can count.

The ride feels very rough in the middle and back seats.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2005

11th Jul 2005, 14:00

Seems about right if you replaced the junk OEM tires with junk replacements. Battery was probably cheap too. Doesn't seem like there was much mechanical problems with the van itself.

27th Sep 2005, 08:32

Let me continue with every problem I have had with my 02 that I did not discuss in my review due to kids harping for the computer.

1: alternator replaced 2x

2: headlights blown 4x

3: seatbelts falling off

4: Air conditioner not working 2x

5: Check engine light continually on has been in the shop 10x now trying to fix this problem

6: stress crack in front windshield

7: rust around back license plate that had to be repainted 3x now

8: side doors don't close correctly

9: belts replaced 3x

10: Oh and those tires were replaced by top of the line michelin... the reason for the replacement was due to the way Kia had put the first set on the wheels.

You may think that I am a whiner, but we were totally led to think that the Kia had a decent van by all the car reviews before we bought. I wish things were different, but they aren't! You get what you pay for, Absolutely, I will never pay 23,000$ for a top of the line Sedona again!

2002 Kia Sedona EX 3.5 from North America


Nice, but popping and cracking noise will make me trade it soon


Area in front of the driver pops and cracks whenever you hit a bump.

General Comments:

We like the Sedona van except for the very annoying popping and cracking noise. The creature comforts are reasonable, it drives well on the interstate and we are satisfied with the hauling capacity to get our college boys moved in and out of school.

Despite all these positives, the dealer cannot seem to rectify the annoying noise right in front of the driver. They installed a new windshield and that did not solve the problem. Their own mechanic tried unsuccessfully to resolve the problem. Next they had our van for a full five business days and took it to a body shop.

The annoying noise still remains. Has anyone else had this problem? Was it ever resolved and if so, how?

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Review Date: 20th May, 2005

17th Jul 2005, 11:51

Yes, I too have a KIA and I have a solution to your problem. SELL IT!!! WRECK IT!!!FLOOD IT!!! Do whatever it takse to get rid of it!!! I have an 03 Spectra that is crap. 3 Transmissions in 2 years. Maybe you and I can hit each others cars and collect insurance from eachother?!?!?!?!