2002 Kia Sedona EX from North America


Started off good, gone downhill in a big way


We had to have the entire steering system replaced at about 3000 miles. Dealer was great and have had no more problems with that.

Over a 3 month period the van has been at the dealer 9 times. When it shifts, either from reverse to drive, or automatically when you are driving in town, it sometimes "jerks." It is like someone steps on the brake and lets off. The check engine light always comes on. They have replaced the "speed input sensor" twice, the computer, put on 2 new motor mounts, told me it was a loose connection, and finally put in a new transmission. The next day, it overheated and I had to have it towed in to the dealer.

They said it overheated due to a "bubble" that occurred when they put the engine back in after replacing the transmission. It was then leaking antifreeze and another brown substance onto my garage floor.

Dealer had it for 2 weeks, replaced the heater core. They test drove it and guess what, it jerked really hard and the check engine light came on. Now they say it was an O2 sensor.

General Comments:

I was very happy with my van for the first couple of years, but now am thoroughly disappointed. It is almost paid off and we plan to trade it ASAP. While polite, the dealer seems to be unable to find and fix the problems. I called KIA Customer Service. Again, polite, but not helpful.

My parents always buy Mazda or Honda and have virtually not problems. Guess what we will be looking for next.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2004

2002 Kia Sedona EX from North America


Worst van ever made


Engine blew at 39,000km took 6 weeks to get it back

A/C worked for 2 months after purchase

Windshield cracked for no reason from left to right

Wheel rod in brakes locked and burned at 101000km took 4 and a half weeks to get it back as parts had to be shipped from Korea.

Rust on lift-gate and at sliding doors

Side trim is coming off

Lots of squeaking in cabin

Engine blown again at 109,000km only 79,000km after engine replaced first time.

General Comments:

Will never buy a KIA ever again.

It was a waste of time and money

Would never suggest anyone to ever buy a KIA

I just want to get rid of it and buy something made in North America

KIA doesn't stand behind their products what should that tell us?

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Review Date: 18th August, 2004

12th Mar 2007, 14:03

OK, but before everyone starts to mark Kia off there please just come in and see the 2007 they are lovely.

4th Apr 2007, 11:54

All you have to do is check Consumer Reports and some other places and see KIA has improved 10 fold. Yes they built crap in the beginning, but now they are in the top 5 as far as reliability. Please check them out they are becoming very good vehicles.

2002 Kia Sedona LX V6 from North America


No other van can beat it


Nothing at all. So much better than the sportage I had less than a year.. complete lemon. I bought the top of the line Sedona. I love it.

General Comments:

Bought top of line Sedona.

Kids are just as comfortable in their captains chairs as I am.

Large and roomy interior.

I had window shopped and test drove every other van out there... nothing could compare.

This is better on price and luxury and overall a very good value.

Tows boat well.

I have since bought the Sorento as well.

No problems with that either.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2004

2002 Kia Sedona LX V6 from North America


A waste of $400 a month!


The windshield cracked starting from the inner corner, not from a rock peck or chip.

The alternator had to be replaced within a year of owning after several trips to the shop for dying on us.

The whole electrical system had to be replaced shortly after the alternator problems.

The van is currently in the shop for the second time regarding the air conditioning system.

The overhead air conditioning dial had to be replaced.

General Comments:

We bought this van new while we were expecting our fifth child. We needed something safe and cost effective. To put it mildly, the Kia Sedona has been a waste of both time and money.

While the van spends infinite amounts of time in the shop, I have no way to get around with all five kids.

The van went dead on the third day we owned it. The service shop replaced the battery. The van continued to die on us, so we would jump it off until we were able to take it back to the shop. They had to replace the alternator before it was even a year old, and we were without our vehicle for about 2 weeks, because the part was back ordered.

Then shortly after, we had to take it back in because it wouldn't crank again. That time it was the electrical system. After more time in the shop, that was replaced.

Sometime during all this, the windshield started cracking for no reason. There was not a rock peck or cracking of any kind before this. It seemed to come from underneath the black seal in the bottom left corner.

Right now, the van is in the shop for the second time concerning the air conditioning system. At first they replaced the blower motor and gave it back to us. I took it back because it still wasn't blowing cold air. They just told us today that they are having to replace pretty much the whole air conditioning system. We are supposed to be going on vacation in 4 days, and if it's not fixed we will have no way to go.

We are very very dissappointed and when we've talked to Kia Motors themselves about all the problems, they were very snooty and made it clear that they don't stand behind their products. What a waste of money!

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2004