2002 Kia Sedona LX 6 cylinder from North America


Low priced, with little or no value after the sale


Air conditioner went out at 25000 miles, and radio has blown out twice.

General Comments:

Poor gas mileage, sluggish on the start, handles very heavy. I wanted to trade this vehicle in this year for a pick up truck and couldn't even get half of what I owe on it from the very dealer I bought it from. I also made the mistake of buying an Optima this summer and had the rotors replaced the week after I bought it.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2003

2002 Kia Sedona LX 3.5 from North America


Lemon-City-Junk Yard ready at new


Head-gasket blew at 9,000-miles-Major overheating fried engine-Hear we go again, the reason we traded off the Ford Windstar..

Rear A/C never worked right, dealer finally "fixed it at 9,000-miles when they put a new engine in it. Broken plate in divider line.

9,026 miles the Engine overheated and blew again, Dealer"Contract" shop forgot to plug up cooling fans. Just warped heads, but they put a whole new engine in, "Cheaper faster they said"

Drivers door power door lock went out when we got it back 9,000-miles-then it started to work again on own.

9,036-miles the transmission started to slip-drove right back to dealer and van could not pull up off ramp. had to walk and get tow. =Cracked Transmission housing cracked leak from stripped bolt to engine. "NOT covered under warranty" Kia/contract Shop has to pay, but won't we had to fight then. they finally did.

9,040-A/C lost all the Freon.. Line split at connection to condenser. Fixed under warranty.

10,000-miles check engine light comes on-checked out to be faulty O2 sensors.

11,000-miles the drivers door will not shut and latch.. had to have towed to shop--"they said it was bent from someone who slammed door with seat belt caught in it" I had to pay.$170.00.

13,000-miles the "New" Transmission goes out-Jerks real hard 30-40mph-they said it was only the torque converter that had bad fluid in it.. New converter and trans flush and it worked..

15,000-miles the dash lights go out-they found a bad relay.. no charge.

17,000-miles the Dealer is acting like they hate us when we take it back for the van cutting out and hard to start.

Turns out to be a weak fuel pump.. they said caused by a clogged fuel filter-come on only 17,000-miles.Our fault!!-they told us.

20,000-miles the left head lamp fills up with fog.. dealer said it was normal and will go away on own.

22,000-miles the transmission is slipping when it is cold and will not go into overdrive."we are very angry and the young shop kid told us that the vans are just too heavy and the transmissions can't hold up. he said lots of people are having transmission problems."

We had a new transmission put in it by the shop and we are not driving it.. we are filing our taxes early to get our refund and trading it off before something else goes wrong.. We don't know what to buy... we need a van, but we had the same problems with our 97-windstar..We are looking at a car this time.. Like a Toyota..

General Comments:

A pile of junk, 100,000-mile warranty joke.

Too heavy and transmissions burn out.

Engine head-gaskets blow out.


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Review Date: 14th October, 2003

22nd Jan 2004, 19:21

Wow, just like most other people that I know who has bought into the junk Kia car line... I bought a Kia and will never have one again... The transmission went out at 2,000-miles and I just traded it back in at the Kia lot for a used Pontiac Grand Am.. Kia only gave me 2/3 of what I paid for the car just 3-months ago.. Rip off Kia... From day one the car has felt cheap and like it was falling apart... The engine knocks as well and you can feel every bump in the road...