2002 Kia Sedona EX from North America


My Kia Sedona is a $26,000 disappointment


Many people will be shocked when they find that Kia (USA) IS COVERING UP A HUGE AND CHRONIC PROBLEM with the SEDONA!!


We have discovered that there was a bulletin that has gone out to Kia dealers in the US, that involves the way the front grille and back door area that surrounds the license plate (the chrome fixture that houses the lighting above the license plate, etc.) is installed, it creates a jagged scratch into steel that will rust soon after you have purchased the car.

We have RUST holes forming, and have been offered a re-painting on a NEW CAR, which we have had for only a few months?!

RUST on a new car with less than 7,000 miles is not acceptable.

The fact that the dealership knew the exact problem and showed us more spots that will rust soon is a little scary!

The fact that the KIA Service DIRECTOR said there was a mistake made in how they were manufactured and they received a bulletin about this (THE CUSTOMER WAS NOT GIVEN THIS DISCLOSURE AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE AND/OR EVER AS A RECALL) shows there is a huge fleecing going on.

We were excited to purchase our SEDONA based on the 5 star safety rating, because we have kids, but the problems are with the car's assembly and process in which the fixtures are installed. It is sub-par and defective. KIA was learning as they go it would seem, to allow these cars on the market when they know the problem, We have not received any documents on this as a recall, so I am to assume that they don't want us to know. Why would they send a bulletin to the dealers, but not the consumer? They must think we the consumer are dumb or something, or maybe we will think the RUST is not a problem on a new car with a few thousand miles!

No one wants to get body work done within months of buying a new car that has (not) been in an accident!!

We are not happy about this at all, and plan to spread the word about it. Be warned, the KIA REPS have their wording together to make you feel as if the 10 year warranty is all they need to offer you, and it's your problem that the car is rusting, and that they will paint the spots that are rusting, and that's all, and no it is not a factory paint job, but it will look real nice...

Is this a correct way to run a car business?

I own a KIA SEDONA with mechanical problems under the hood and rust holes after a few months of purchase on a new vehicle, and hope you do not have the same problem if you own one. We definitely don't recommend you buy one, even if the 5 star rating and nice rebate make you think you should..

KIA has some things to learn about customer service, and yes they are moving huge numbers in the USA, and that's great for them, but it takes more than sales to validate your product. Millions of people buy fast food everyday, but we all know that's is not really the best thing to do, right?

I did my part in saying this, so hopefully more people will come forward with their problems before it's too late.

Sad, mad and confused.

The other problems this minivan has, are that there is major belt noise and/or air condition problems that made us have to take the car in to find the problem several times, of which there was no real solution.

KIA USA is enjoying major success with the sale of these minivans right now, but I hate to say that once they start rusting, there will undoubtedly be a huge amount of sad, mad, and confused people who want answers as to why a new car would rust WITHIN A FEW MONTHS OF PURCHASE!!

It's a big mistake for KIA USA to think it is acceptable to be rude to its customers and offer the paint over the RUST?! To cover up the problem vs. admitting they screwed up! This huge and disgusting manufacturing mistake is a problem KIA is trying to cover up, and it is only a matter of time before this cheating of the US consumer is brought into the light.

General Comments:

Buying the Kia brand is a mistake. The Kia Corporation is not very smart in how they are dealing with unsatisfied customers. I predict a huge backlash in the very near future from several unhappy customers.

I made a big mistake buying a KIA.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2003

4th Aug 2003, 04:34

Yes, I agree 100%

I have a 2002 Kia Sedona with the exact same problems and with the same response from the dealer. Kia should own up to their mistakes and replace the hood and rear hatch door to make up for the poor workmanship.

9th Aug 2003, 22:18

I'm in the "Lemon Law" process with mine. It has been to the dealership at least 10 times for unscheduled repairs. The AC compressor has been replaced 3 times. It has been to the dealership an additional 4 times with the same trouble. The driver's seat was loose, the side cladding started peeling off, one of the rear seat-belt pre-tensioner stopped working, the windshield has been replaced four times. The van is now leaking oil and the brake rotors are warped. I've had it!

2002 Kia Sedona EX 3.5 Liter from North America


An excellent choice for those who want a great minivan without breaking the bank


Minor condensation occurs inside the left headlight assembly during heavy rain storms or when washing the car. I plan to have the dealer change out the left headlight assembly

The mileage is marginal but I knew that when I researched and purchased this vehicle. I am averaging about 18 mpg with combined city and highway driving which is about what the EPA indicated that this minivan would get.

General Comments:

A very well-equipped, high quality mini-van for the price. I bought this minivan in the top trim fully loaded with leather for thousand less than the base trim minivan offerings from Honda and Toyota.

This van is built very solid (all 4802 lbs. of it) which reflects its 5 Star safety rating.

The performance is very good with great acceleration, good braking, positive steering and a smooth quiet ride. The headlights on this minivan are the best (brightest and well spread across the road) that I have seen on a standard Halogen headlight for passenger cars.

There is a lot of utility in this mini-van with 10 cup holders, 3 gloves boxes, storage bin under the passenger seat and 2 storage pockets in each of the front doors.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2003