28th Oct 2006, 07:30

2000 Sedona bought at 35000 miles gave me unbelievable performance record:

Our Sedona has suffered a string of mechanical and bodywork disasters, the first of which was a failed fuel pump after only 20 miles of personal motoring! Kia collected the vehicle and delivered a courtesy car. They had it for two weeks, then returned it, advising that the entire fuel system had been replaced with new parts. I was never really happy with it - sluggish take up and noisy engine - but Kia just kept telling me everything was fine. The following year's service with a local garage revealed that, just 7000 miles after the fuel system was replaced, there was excessive noise and lateral play in the pump bearings. They suggested to me that the pump had never been replaced, but was probably 'bodged'. On taking this up with Kia, they simply claimed that they had never had the car booked in for any kind of work and their overall response was 'tough, go away and stop bothering us, we don't actually give a monkeys!'

The Kia has now packed in altogether - a blown head gasket and cracked piston probably caused by general strain on the engine due to the faulty pump. Will Kia listen?

I will never, ever buy a vehicle with this badge again, and I heartily recommend that you do the same. Kia are the pits.

7th Nov 2006, 13:28

You are 100% right about the KIA Sedona and trying to find parts without paying out of your bottom at the dealership parts Dept. $13.00 for a lug nut that they broke!

21st Nov 2006, 14:15

Bought a Kia Sedona new in 2002. Other than going through tires a bit rapidly - this auto has been a pleasure to own and drive. Yes, I had a battery go bad - but when I mentioned it to the Service Manager - he promptly informed me that they had installed undersized alternators - and that he would be happy to replace mine before it went bad.

I have never had a bad experience with either Kia dealer or their service facilities. I dunno - maybe I'm just lucky. I've also owned a Hyundai Accent, Hyundai Elantra Wagon, Hyundai Tiburon, Hyundai Sonata - and currently drive a Hyundai Santa Fe.

For the money and the piece of mind the warranty and roadside assistance provide - I don't think you could find a better value. Unlike a lot of other people - I simply cannot wrap my brain around paying $30,000 - $40,000 for a vehicle.

23rd Nov 2006, 08:58

Congratulations! You guys "jinxed" me...!! After entering the above comment, my Kia Sedona broke down less than 6 hours later!

We packed it up for a long trip and less than 1 mile from home (after running in to a store) went to restart the van and nothing but clicking...

Then to make it better, we started smelling burning rubber or plastic - which I think was coming from the alternator.

To make things even better, my warranty ran out 13 days ago... (the alternator and battery have already been replaced once...)

Am I loving life right now... or what?

27th Nov 2006, 15:38

OK...just to update: It wasn't an alternator problem like I had thought - it was a wiring harness gone bad (melting). The dealer towed the car for free and through in the harness - if I paid for labor. Fair enough. While they were diagnosing, they noticed HP a/c line was leaking - again, they'd give me the part - if I'd pay for labor. While she's there - she getting her 60,000 service. Now all I have to do is change out the timing belt at some point in the not-to-distant future...

All-in-all...I'm still happy with the brand...

19th Jan 2007, 20:07

We bought a 2002 KIA Sedona with 59,000 miles about 18 months ago and an extended warranty to 100,00 miles. We are now at 72,000 miles on the van. So far we've had the alternator go out, air conditioning, vent system problem that sounded like a fast motor cycle or jet was flying by, and malfunctioning locks that intermittently click on and off.

With all problems we have taken it to the dealer where we bought it only to be fixed and have the problem return. For example in August they charged 350.00 to fix the locks. They said the locks were corroded and they cleaned them up. When I called today to tell them I am still having the same problem with the locks and inquire about the guarantee of their work they said well... not if it's an electrical problem. We will have to charge you 85.00 for a diagnosis. The regular maintenance on the van is rather costly. Needless to say, we wish we had spent more and gotten a better vehicle and we know why this one was traded in!

21st Apr 2007, 17:58

We bought a new KIA Sedona in 2002. It's performance has been very disappointing. We paid too much for it to begin with, and had several maintenance issues. Now, it has a cracked windshield, door handle is broken, and anti-freeze is leaking toward the back of the vehicle. KIA must produce their vehicles with the cheapest metal. The corrosion under the body is horrible. Also, the line that holds the anti-freeze alternates between rubber and steel. Go figure that one out! Some of the dash lights no longer work, and the CD player sounds like its working when its not. The air conditioning button is also mal-functioning. No more KIA's for me. One last thing: the hatch is difficult to open, often sticks.

18th Aug 2007, 22:10

I so agree with everyone on this site!! I have a 2003 Sedona and I just pray that someone steals it or hits it in a parking lot of the Wal-Mart one day! I'm sure a little fender bender would total this piece of crap!

I've gone to 3 dealerships now and just can't trade it in to anyone unless I pay over half of what I owe on it. Let's face it, when you walk onto a Ford dealership and they don't even ask you to walk inside to try and sell you a Ford, just because they know you owe way more than they could ever dream of giving you for a trade in, it's pretty bad! I even had a smaller, local dealership that I went to last year tell me that they didn't like to take a KIA in on any trade in because they were so hard to sell!!

I have had the alternator go out at 40,200, had it towed in on a very cold Feb. morning while on the way to the baby sitters. When the alternator died so did the CD player, which lucky for KIA was 200 miles just past the warranty. It made this strange sounding "motorcycle noise", sounded like a motorcycle speeding up behind you. It was a recall of the air condition of some kind.

At about 7,000 miles they had to keep it a week to figure out that one of the coil wires were bad, which made it stall just as you started off at an intersection, and they call this a 5 star safety rated van! I guess if it stays in the shop it's got to be safe!

Please, if anyone knows how I can finally get rid of this KIA once and for all, let me know!!!