19th Aug 2007, 11:04

I just got my driving license, and even I know now not to buy a Korean car.

I live in Holland, and I drove at 2 driving schools, the first used a KIA, 1 year old, bad plastics, and already starting to wear out, the second used a 7 year old Peugeot with 240000 kilometer driven, with only minor electric problems, and a good interior with much better plastics.

Always you hear that Korean cars are made from cheap materials, are not built as strong, good as European and Japanese rivals, and have more brake downs, and are VERRY dull (name ONE Korean classic car)

Time after time people fall for the price, just pay 500 Eur, or Dollar more and get a Euro, Japanese, or even USA car, at least it will be more fun to drive.

So far I have driven a 20 year old Opel corsa (respect to that car for driving that good after 20 years) a Volkswagen golf, very powerful, fast and good, Fiat brava, fun to drive very smooth, and well over 10 years old, AND the most fun you can have in dirt with clothes on, a Lada Niva a real mans car.

26th Sep 2007, 17:22


Get rid of it before it kills you. Scrap it, burn it, do anything, just get rid of it.

24th Mar 2008, 08:55

Don't buy a Kia Sedona. Poor service from dealer and bad vehicle. On the 2003 Kia I bought, the A/C failed, it started rusting (they didn't wanted to listen when I showed them - they came up with funny excuses). The rear shock leaks.

It is a bad vehicle.

24th Apr 2008, 09:06

I purchased my 2002 Sedona van new. Thank God for the 60K warranty. Had a few early problems which were quickly fixed by the dealer. My dealer has been excellent.

At 59,800 miles the whole electrical system fried - battery, alternator, etc.. 200 miles shy of the warranty. They towed me and paid for everything. (That good timing will never happen again in my life!)

I now have 88,000 miles on the van and it has been a pretty good van. I agree with the other reviewers that parts are expensive and there are not many aftermarket parts available. But you are saving $10,000 up front vs. many other new mini-vans. Repairs are expensive on any car. This one is no different. My sister is looking for a new van, and I recommended a Kia Sedona to her.

My recommendation - buy a new one with the great warranty. I would probably not buy a used one with no warranty.

10th Aug 2008, 14:10

Interesting comments, I must admit. We bought a 2006 Kia Sedona about 20 months ago. At 30K miles, no problems other than those caused by us (i.e. slightly dented door when my son rammed it with his bike). The brakes were beginning to sound as though they needed replaced, but that isn't unusual.

Yesterday, we had a very major car accident in our Kia Sedona. Other than minor bruising from the seatbelt for me, no one, including the children were injured. Two paramedics and a police officer witnessed the accident and were absolutely amazed that no one was hurt. The vehicle literally took the impact and very little was transferred to us on the inside. It was quite impressive.

Once the dust settles and all the insurance stuff is cleared up, we will definitely be buying another Kia Sedona.

13th Mar 2009, 16:46

Hi, I'm Tommy, I live in Orlando, Fl.

I have a 2005 Kia Sedona LX that I bought on Jan 30, 2006. It has over 45,000 miles on it and I've had no major problems.

The battery died once, which is normal wear and tear.

I've had to buy 4 sets of tires, but I peel out a lot.

I've had a 91 Sentra, 02 Corolla, 04 Sentra. The 91 and 04 Sentra never died on me, but the Corolla was the worst car I've ever owned; that car made any of your issues with your Sedona look small.

I have no complaints for my car, it's never left me stranded, and I abuse the crap out of it. It has no noises or anything that you guys have had.

The paint is starting to peel and is fading, but that's any car in Florida.

I also have to add most of you with '02 Sedonas should have known better than to buy the first year of the car, and also if you don't take care of it, then that can also add to your cars issues.

I would also like to add that the Sedona is the cheapest in its class, and it's safer in side impacts then any other mini van without side impact airbags.

I love my Sedona, and I will never buy another kind of car other than KIA. It's by far the best car for the buck, and if you take care of your car it won't die unless you get a lemon, which is why you get a warranty.

16th Mar 2009, 12:46

I drive a 2004 Sedona EX. I don't particularly like driving the car. It is no sports car. I would have preferred a small, nimble car, (a Vette) but I need the space to carry lots of people and/or cargo. The car looks good, and my women friends liken it to a Lexus sedans costing twice the price. I agree, but it lags very far behind Lexus in quality.

After reading all the comments in this survey, I feel very lucky that my 04 Sedona has had no problems in its 75K miles since new. I hope it stays that way.

It has been my experience over the many decades of car ownership, that it is best to avoid the dealer repair shops. I learned that with cars I owned previous to the KIA. This vehicle has never been in the any shop, for that matter. I have been lucky that nothing has gone wrong, with the exception of a battery, which I simply replaced myself with one I purchased at Walmart about a year ago. I have never had to replace a battery that early. To keep the price down, Kia put in cheap batteries, I guess.

I recently replaced the tires, but I feel that is normal considering the age and mileage. The original equipment tires were surprisingly good. They had a load rating of "H". The only tires available with this rating were Michelin tires at nearly twice the price.

It has gone through four sets of head light bulbs (about one set a year). Again, I never had to replace them that often. I have used Sylvania bulbs because they are the cheapest available.

I have had three recalls: one for the throttle linkage, one for the rear wheel bearing hub covers, and one for the power (front) seat wiring, all of which I simply went to the local dealer, picked up the (very inexpensive) replacement parts and did it myself. They were all very simple repairs, and I know they were done right. Nobody got inside the car and screwed up anything.

The first time I picked up parts, I had a chance to talk to the parts staff who asked me why I did not take it to the service department for warranty work. I told them I didn't trust the the service staff to even look at the car. They laughed, and fully agreed.

I came to this site looking for info on replacing the timing belt. The owner's manual says it should be replaced at 60k miles, so it's way overdue.

If there is anyone who has done this job, I would like to hear from them.