30th Aug 2007, 19:08

I have brake problem with this car as well. I am at 29000 miles and have had the rotars machined twice. Had to replace the brake pads at 26000 miles. I've given up, I went online and bought high performance brakes that are slotted and drilled which is supposed to reduce heat to keep the rotars from warping. The pair of performance rotars and brakes pads ran me $169 and I know hoe to do this type of work myself. Much less than getting the job done that isn't under warranty and repeating the same problem over and over.

25th Jan 2008, 14:39

Complained several times about vibration from the brakes when coming down hills. Kia dealer would not correct until brakes were wore and rotors needed replacement. A few weeks after the replacement the vibrations returned. Kia dealer corrected the issue after several more attempts to get them to correct, but they were never quite explained how. Now that we are past the brakes, it is the belts. Never had so much trouble with a new car.

14th Mar 2008, 10:39

We purchased a 2005 KIA Sedona ex from a dealership in 2006. We have had all the same complaints as everyone else.

The rotors were turned 2 times and pads have been replaced 2 times at 10790, and the rotors have been replace 2 times and pads replaced 2 more times at 30573 miles.

We have had to put 4 tires on at 14400 miles at our expense, and 2 tires again on the same van at 25846 at our expense.

We continue to have a rock in our steering wheel and the brakes still vibrate.

We had to send a certified letter to the owner of the dealership just to get a response, which he couldn't even have the respect to contact us himself; he had the service manager call. We set up a meeting with the service manager and he finally showed up 1 hour later just to replace the brakes for the 4th time. They still feel terrible and another letter went to the owner, certified again, which we have not gotten any response from.

We requested the district service rep to contact us direct, and some how the service manager from the dealer called and told us that we didn't need to meet with the district rep. We then went higher to the regional office and have talked to a regional analyst and have been told to duplicate a problem that we have quad-duplicated. Now we are waiting for the regional consumer affairs manager to contact us who is always in meetings or out of town. They sent us a letter and can't even get that right!

No one is listening to us! I can't believe that we are having to fight for the safety of our families. Brakes are a safety feature, not a comfort feature! I can't understand how a manufacturer can get away with this! Who actually represents this company! No one will take responsibility for this serious problem! You buy a KIA and then everyone just disappears and you are stuck with a $30,000.00 pile of junk! And no one will take the responsibility! What customer service???!!! DO NOT BUY A KIA!!!

15th Apr 2008, 20:54

I bought my wife a 2005 Kia Sedona EX and I have the same problem as every one else at 23,000 miles; to the dealer I go with warped rotors. I wasn't happy with them, so I had the rotors turned and new pads, then at 44,000 same problem again. Now at 67,000.

I did it my way; new bend ex rotors and cheap pads and 10,000, so far so good. I was told by the dealer it was from driver habits; all I can say if my wife has this problem with her driving, then I better not drive it. I drive hard, and headlights blowing every 4 to 5 months, what is up with that? I have had more repairs on this van than my 03 Dakota; not happy with Kia.