2001 Kia Sephia 1.8 from North America


Good car, good value, poor service available locally!!!


I have had far less trouble with my kia then my escort!!!

The only problem I had with my kia up until yesterday 60,800 miles was a couple light bulbs needed replaced and my cigarette lighter keeps burning out!

You cannot plug a cell phone charger into it.. it blows out the lighter. I had it replaced once, but have decided against it this time as it will just happen again!

General Comments:

I needed an oil change and was having a problem with hard shifts (automatic), lights dimming and wipers barely moving on high when using the air conditioning or the windsheild defroster (they work off the same motor) I could turn off the blower and power would return. The dealer said I needed to replace my timing belt it probably jumped time. The service man then came and got me to look at my brakes (original), so they replaced the front brakes and surfaced the rotors, they said it needed fuel injectors cleaned (decarb), and transmission flushed, along with a tuneup plugs, wires, air filter, fuel filter. I agreed as I had not ever had to do anything to this car and figured it was about time.

My bill...$900. and a free rental during the one day service.

My problem was not fixed! Turned on the air drove about 4miles and my car started lunging when it shifted.

I went to have a free test done on the battery and alternator. The battery was bad. They said that it should not have gone that fast! I bought a battery drove my car for 15 miles air on high and problem is gone.

I guess the dealer needs to send his techs to school did not even check my battery!!!

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Review Date: 6th October, 2005

2001 Kia Sephia LS 4 Cylinder from North America


Great car, would recommend it to anyone I know!


The only problem I have had with this car so far, and it's been about two months, are the brakes. I bought the car used, and while I was driving, I could hear a constant squeak as well. When I would brake, my car jolted and felt like it was going to stall.

I took it to the place that does the warranty work for the dealership I bought it from, and they ended up having to replace front pads, rotors, rear right side cylinder, and the right side e-brake cable. The mechanic told me that it was a safety issue, and I would not have to pay anything at all, because this was one week after I bought the car. When the dealership certified it, they just "squeaked" it through. BUT that's what you get when you don't buy from the manufacturer dealership.

I have had the car back once so far again, and will be going back in a week for the constant squeaking problem, but that is mechanic error.

Any time you put on the air conditioner, you instantly feel the car lose power, but what can you expect from a 4 cylinder car?

The last concern I have is that KIA cars are hard to get parts for. I've looked into it, and there isn't much after market part availability. Pretty much if anything goes wrong, I would have to order the part from the KIA dealership. Minor things like bolts and hood protectors you can get from few places, but anything serious, I would have to order from KIA directly.

General Comments:

I have not had any major car problems at all, just mechanic error, and I love this car.

This car is great on gas, especially with gas prices on the rise. I can get about 550 to 600kms per tank with the air conditioner running often.

For a 4 cylinder, this car boots it pretty good.

Really comfortable!

Great options. The car came fully loaded.

The best thing so far though, is that even though I bought this car used and not from a KIA dealership, I still have my 5 year or 100,000 km power train warranty, which will expire soon. I phoned KIA and spoke to a customer service representative, they told me there were no outstanding recalls on my personal vehicle, and did not hesitate to mention that the car still had some warranty left without me having to mention it, and all they had to do was change the information into my name, and for me to send them a copy of my ownership for proof that the car was actually in my name.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2005