Shuma L 1.6 petrol

Cheap for a reason

247 words, UK and Ireland


Shuma SX 1.5 petrol

This is a surprisingly good car -- a very practical workhorse, and extremely reliable

50 words, UK and Ireland

Shuma S 1.6 petrol

A lot of car for the money, but expect problems!

140 words, UK and Ireland

Shuma S 1.6

Good looks, good value

15 words, UK and Ireland


Shuma SX 1.5 petrol

A very quick, comfortable and good looking car.

49 words, UK and Ireland

Shuma GS 1.8DOHC

This Car Represents Very Good Value for Money

164 words, Australia and New Zealand, 2 comments

Shuma LS 1.5

Good value

155 words, Macau, 1 comment

Shuma SX 1.5

68 words, UK and Ireland



Not as fancy the first impression may tell you, but it's a very reliable and practical car

172 words, Egypt

Shuma LS 1.5

Highly recommended if you are looking for a big car at a low price

117 words, Malta


Shuma SLX 1.8 litre unleaded

Go with the trusted brands not the new comers!!

310 words, Australia and New Zealand