3rd Jul 2010, 13:22

Although I think both Hyundai and Kia make VERY good cars, I have a few doubts about their service department credibility. A few years ago I test drove a new Kia Sorento. I loved the look and feel of the car, and the smooth power that the engine delivered... for all of a HALF MILE!! The engine just shut down and refused to start. It had gas. The security system was not the problem. After trying to get it started, the salesman called the service department. They immediately arrived. The service tech looked under the hood, shook his head and said "I don't know a THING about these cars". I immediately decided that I DID NOT want a Kia, at least not from THAT dealership!!

Explaining that I had an appointment to get to, the salesman called their "courtesy car" to come and drive me back to the dealership. I laughed to see that their courtesy car was a FORD of the exact same make, model and color of the car I was planning to trade!! I took that as an omen and kept my Ford!!

11th Sep 2010, 14:53

I first bought a Kia in 2000, it was one of the first models of Rio. I had it for 7 years with no problems whatsoever and then traded it in for a 2007 model Sorento. So far so good, the Sorento has done 64000 kms (40000 miles) in 3 years absolutely trouble free. The warranty runs out in 2 weeks so fingers crossed.

I pay no attention to UK critics, such as Clarkson (love the programme) and buy what I consider to be a car suitable to my needs without reference to badging - who would have bought a Skoda 20 years ago? On past experience I would recommend the Kia Marque for anyone who wants reliability and economy. I live in Spain and there are lots of Kias here!