10th Jan 2010, 06:13

I have a 2005, it is an OK car, but the tires that came with the car didn't even last 2 years. I have replaced the bulbs in the car at least 20 times in 4 years. The battery doesn't work a lot of the time, just goes dead for no reason. Worst investment I have ever made...

10th Jun 2010, 12:39

I have a 2005 Kia Sorento, over 100,000 miles, have replaced bulbs numerous times. The battery many times in the last five months. To me and my husband, it's a throw away car and would not recommend it.

10th Aug 2010, 20:40

Anyone have any idea what the BULB issue is with the Sorento.. I have a 2005 EX, and the dealer wanted to replace the computer, just for the bulbs going.. it was like $600.00. Wow..

22nd Dec 2010, 01:03

I have a 2004 Kia Sorento XS manual; diesel, 4WD LSD, 66000 miles on it and not one problem. The battery is still original, the bulbs aren't blowing (quality ones from supermarket, not eBay blue ones that will blow), summer tires, and the rear tires are original ones (6 years old). I have slid with the car on ice, but managed to fix by accelerating hard. I do not recommend braking or lifting the accelerator pedal when slipping.

The fuel economy is around 30-32 MPG.

Another problem is when the fuel filter is about 1 year old, the car would die and not start unless you pump that diuze pump on top of the fuel filter. Change the filter and you should be OK.

I recommend it.

14th Jan 2013, 13:42

I agree. My engine light stays on. Replaced countless sensors just to name one of the many problems with KIA. Will never ever purchase another KIA.

21st Feb 2013, 10:04

I replaced all 4 rotors on my 2005 Kia Sorento, however after replacing them I noticed my emergency brake could be pulled all the way to the ceiling and still not engage. I am having all the issues looked at and fixed now.

Mine has 106,000 miles on it, and the motor is going strong. I have had several problems with it, but nothing too major; just a pain to have to deal with.

Both front wheel bearings went out, gear shifter handle came off, A/C went out, headlights constantly needing replaced, rear lights needing replaced. But no transmission or engine problems, so I guess I'm fortunate.

I love my little SUV though. Going to be giving it to my daughter next year when she starts driving.