2001 Kia Spectra 1.8 from North America


Nice car, but get it with an extended warranty


So far, the battery, the floater, and the fluids had to be replaced.

General Comments:

We had bought this car off a used car lot back in November of 2009. We had paid $3500 for it, which we feel was right for its low miles.

Since having it, we are very, very happy with it. It has lots of power for a small car. On the interstates, it is really fast.

As far as the interior is concerned, it is quite roomy. Plenty of room for all, as long as the people sitting in the back seat are short to medium in height. The trunk is a nice size, too.

The ride is pretty good, but not perfect. The gas mileage is absolutely great.

We plan on keeping it for a good long while, providing that it does not give us that many problems.

So far, it has been very good to us.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2010

2001 Kia Spectra from North America


This is the worst car I have ever owned


The seals on the doors were faulty.

The belts had to be replaced after 50 miles.

The crank angle and throttle sensors went out.

The trunk lever broke off.

The door chime doesn't work properly.

The stereo ejects CDs on it's own.

The trunk latch broke and I could not close the trunk.

The windshield wipers quit working.

The fuel gage quit working.

The dashboard popped up and separated from the car, twice.

The brake switch went out, which meant I had no brake lights in rush hour traffic.

It constantly burns out the fuel pump fuse. I keep spares in the car now.

General Comments:

I researched this case before I bought it and the only complaint I could find was about the cup holders. I thought I was making a good purchase. I traded in a 1990 Ford Thunderbird with 206,000 miles because I thought this Kia would be more reliable. I was sadly mistaken. This car has left me stranded or been in the shop more times than any other vehicle I have ever owned.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2009

2001 Kia Spectra GS 1.8 from North America


A great little car for a teenager to abuse


CV axle, I am a/was a teenager, so doing burnouts killed them.

Pull piece for hatch broke, but still opens.

Dash is coming apart like in my Sephia and Sportage.

Ate through brakes and tires.

General Comments:

This car is a lot sportier than my BMW. Not to mention a lot more reliable, and I had the most reliable one; a 1990 535i 5 speed. It also has a lot of room for a sub compact car. I love how this car looks and drives. The A/C works great in Ga weather.

What other car can you find with low miles on it used, besides really rare old classic cars.

It also looks great with seventeens and tinted windows.

The only thing I really have a problem with Kia is the horrible dashboard glue that they used. But they have improved it, because my sister's Optima has not one deformity on it.

The car has never let me down, no matter what. My check engine light came only only once, but it was my fault. I lost my gas cap and bought one from Advance, but it was the wrong kind. Then I blew a front speaker, but I was getting better ones anyway.

Other than that, I have had no other problems with it.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2007

2001 Kia Spectra GSX from North America


A better than average car


Cracked tail pipe.

Replaced driver-side rear door molding.

Replaced front doors window molding.

Rebuilt clutch.

Replaced driver-side front tie rod.

Driver side seat has worn through the upholstery in one spot.

Dashboard below windshield is beginning to pull away due to heat.

Lost cylinder one spark plug at 84000 miles.

General Comments:

In general this car has been very reliable, very economical and all around a good choice for my family. We have had a mixture of mechanical and cosmetic defects, but it has served well. We are considering replacing this vehicle with another KIA, the Sedona, as our family has grown, but would own another Spectra if it were feasible.

We have been extremely satisfied with this vehicle as it has served us quite well.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2006