2002 Kia Spectra Base from North America


Some are great, mine is bad


Check engine light is causing constant problems for past 2 months. It has been in the shop 8 times during those two months. Each time the light comes on the reason is different. They do not know why and have just begun replacing parts.

Car does not run well at high altitude.

Middle console hard to keep clean.

Horrible gas mileage on anything less than 87.

Car has had general problems since the first week of owning. I would get rid of it if I could afford a new one.

General Comments:

Was pleased with the deal I got it for. $9000 brand new.

Everything wrong with it has been covered under warranty.

Not much room and uncomfortable if you are tall!

Not a mountain car.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2005

2002 Kia Spectra LS 1.8 from North America


Will keep a KIA garage making money forever!!


3 Transmissions!!!

Power brake booster

Passenger side visor FELL OFF!!

2 new headlight assemblies

Rear view mirror FELL OFF!!

General Comments:

Have had the car since October 2004. Bought it because of the warranty. Little did I know it would be used VERY OFTEN!!! Today the transmission went out for the THIRD TIME!!! This will be the fourt trans for this car since it mas built.

Passenger visor fell off one night on my way home!!!

Both headlight gaskets failed at 40k and had to be replaced.

Rear view mirror came unattached from the roof where it mounts!!!

While installing the 3rd trans, dealer noticed the brake booster was leaking, replaced under warranty.

I would love for Iraq to send a bomb over here and it land on my KIA. I wish there were some way I could make KIA buy this thing back from me. And if I turn on the a/c the hamsterpower (horsepower) is cut by about half!!!

All of the above things were covered under warranty, but WHAT A HASSLE!!

Just in case you are wondering, this car is NOT DRIVEN HARD!! My wife takes my son to school, goes to the store and we drive it on the weekend. She is no Mario Andretti either. She drives like a grandma!!!

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Review Date: 17th June, 2005

15th Jul 2005, 21:21

I wrote the above review. Today is July 15 2005. The trans went out AGAIN (4 times) 07/12/2005 and I am frustrated. KIA is in negotiations with me to help me pay this thing off before it explodes or something. 02 sensor failed while the 4th trans was being installed. The warranty has 10k miles left on it. With a little luck it won't be in my driveway when it reaches 60k. I took the car home today and guess what, the trans slipped 3 times on my way home.

Come on KIA give me a new one!!!!!!

16th Jul 2005, 00:04

Was this a new Spectra or a Used one?

21st Jul 2005, 17:59

USED!! had 29k miles bouth in late 04.

21st Jul 2005, 18:03

Make that 5 times!!transmission!!! I wrote the above review!!!

7th Aug 2005, 16:59

THANK YOU GOD!!! I wrote the above review. Today 08/03/2005 I traded in this clunker!! After numerous meetings with the owner of the dealership and 5 transmissions and fighting with KIA I AM RID OF IT!!! They gave me trade in value equal to the pay off!!! I now have an 03 Elantra GT fully loaded and it is MUCH NICER than the crap KIA!!! If you ever buy an 02 Spectra silver with a rear spoiler that is a little uneven on the rear, look it up!! It may be my old car traded in with 51000 + miles. In Ohio it is labeled a "lemon" now according to CARFAX!!!

FIGHT KIA----------you can win!!!!!!!!!!

15th Jan 2007, 01:39

If your transmission has been replaced that many times, it is definitely not the Kia. It's whoever was working on your car. That's very irrational.

8th Feb 2007, 16:05

That's what you get for letting a woman drive your car...

7th Oct 2007, 20:51

UPDATE!!! I saw that car at a Speedway gas station this past weekend, I know that car anywhere. I walked up to the guy and asked where he bought it, he told me the same dealer I traded it in to, he said the transmission has gone out twice in the 2 years he has owned it. He told me that KIA paid off his loan and he kept it, they extended his 60k mile warranty to 100K. I told him good luck!!

17th Oct 2008, 17:31

Sorry to tell you, Kia and Hunduya are the same company!!