2003 Kia Spectra from North America


Outstanding value


Nothing. Everything works fine at this time.

General Comments:

This is my second Kia. My first being a Rio. Great little car. I traded up for more room.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2004

2003 Kia Spectra from North America


Yet to be determined..

General Comments:

I live in Massachusetts. I have noticed that my car is extremely warm and sometimes very uncomfortably hot now that the weather is improving.

My car is sitting outside today on a 68 degree day and when I got in it, it's like it's 180 degrees inside. And it doesn't cool down very quickly either - the dashboard retains a lot of heat and is almost impossible to lay your hand on for more than a few seconds.

I have never experienced anything like this in any other car, but it's almost like the roof of my car lacks insulation. I keep my sunglasses in the sunglass holder and some days I can't put them on my face because they are burning hot. I have a black car with black/gray interior, but this is really bad heat and it's only May. What happens in July or August?

Anyone else experiencing this?

No other car ever that I've owned or been in has been this uncomfortably hot. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance...

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Review Date: 12th May, 2004

9th Jan 2005, 04:13

May I suggest leaving all your door windows down half an inch as it makes a huge difference to the cabin temperature on a hot day. Also for your next car don't buy black as it is the hottest color by far. White while a bit boring is the coolest color choice. Silver is also fairly cool and looks good too. I hope this helps you. kind regards Mark from Australia.

16th Mar 2005, 19:24

This is a black car. I can guarantee that is why it is so hot inside. Black paint does absorbs all the energy produced by the sun, while other colors tend to reflect some of them.

23rd Jul 2005, 09:26

My car is not black, but it does retain a lot of heat, any time of the year. Another complaint is how loud the interior is even with windows up. I can't hardly hear my kids when they want to talk while I am driving. I have to be at a stop light to hear them. I have many complaints about my Kia and I will never again buy one! I feel very unsafe in it.

29th Dec 2006, 07:57

I own two Kia Spectras now, I have never had a problem with engine or road noise and not being able to hear people in my car. I suggest driving at higher gears if you have that much of an issue with it. I bought a 2006 Kia Spectra and just bought a 2003 Kia Spectra GSX Hatchback which I love almost even more than the 2006.

2003 Kia Spectra GS standard from North America


Piece of garbage-don't waist your money


In two months time the driver side window leaks and occassionally rolls itself down, and it doesn't even have power windows. The trim around that door has fallen off. The front driver door rattles when the radio is on. And the hat rack separator for the hatchback broke off for no reason at all.

General Comments:

I have had this car for 2 months and I have a growing list of annoying little problems with it. I wish I had seen this site before I got the car. If you have to have your transmission replaced with less than 10,000 miles on it, its garbage. I will never own another kia for the rest of my life. And don't get me started on the poor service from the dealer. Yeah, you get a long warranty, but the best warranties are the ones you don't have to use. I don't have time to take my car to the shop every week. It's a shame too, the car drives pretty good for a cheapo. I would sell it in a heartbeat, but resell is awful.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2004

15th Apr 2004, 12:05

I agree Kia is junk, I bought a brand new 2003 right now it has 5,000 miles on it, the windows leak air so bad the wind noise will drive you nuts. Gas mileage is very poor only 19 miles per gallon. I have a 92 Geo that has 165,000 miles on it, its quiet and gets 35 mpg. I consider the Geo a Bic, but its better than a Kia!

26th Aug 2007, 13:29

Uh, yeah its very clear that you have to give your car a regular oil change under any vehicle warranty. I thought that was common sense, take better care of your care next time.

28th Aug 2007, 01:08

OK, but no other makes need a oil change for the transmission every 30,000 miles. My GM states 100,000 miles, or more frequent if you do heavy towing. That's the problem with Kia. Those $1,000 or so you thought you saved on the vehicle is quickly absorbed by expensive and frequent servicing, and out of warranty repairs. People really haven't yet figured out the way some low end manufacturers make money. The car is cheap, but you need to throw money at it constantly after you've bought it.

3rd Nov 2007, 10:34


I am the proud owner of a 2003 Kia Spectra GS. I bought it brand new right off the showroom floor and I love it!! This is the 2nd Kia I have owned. My first Kia was the Kia Sportage, which I liked, but the maintenance was too much and the gas mileage very poor. I do agree with other Kia owners that Kia wants you the owner to do way too much vehicle maintenance. I simply change my oil every 3000 miles faithfully, get ocassional transmission & radiator flushes and all I can say is I've been good to go!

As with any make or model of vehicle, you must do some routine maintenance. No car company makes every car perfectly and there sometimes are lemons on the assembly line.

Bottom Line: Take care of your car because of the great monetary investment that you have put into it! I've rarely heard of a person who did the correct basic maintenance to their car and had outrageous problems with it.

A Satisfied Kia Owner!