2005 Kia Spectra 5 16v from North America


I love my Spectra 5!


So far in the first month of ownership there haven't been any problems with the car.

General Comments:

At first sight of the car I thought that I was going to be crammed inside, however once inside it was a lot roomier then what it initially appeared to be.

About a month of ownership and I cannot stop raving about the car to family and friends. All of the controls are very easily reached from the driver's seat. The stock stereo system is superb.

Very little after market modification needed, since the body kit and standard items make it easier on the wallet. My only regret is that the pick up is not as quick in response.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2005

27th Apr 2005, 08:08

Yes I agree with you.. i love my spectra5 too... i have the 5 speed I think it has a little more pep then the auto...

1st May 2005, 21:15

Today is 5/1/2005, I purchased a KIA Spectra 5 2 weeks ago. I am very pleased with my purchase, you get an awful lot for the money. The car is quick enough and handles very well, plus I think it looks awesome. I have one small problem and that is my rear speakers blew so they are replacing them for me. I would highly recommend this car if your on a budget, but still want a great ride.

15th May 2005, 20:39

I have a "5" that was purchased about 48hrs. after it was dropped on the lot (Oct. '04) as a gift to my wife. Incentive to get her license. Anyway she finally got hers in February and there is still less than 3K miles on the car. You really need to get around 1,500-2,000 miles on it and then the engine is "broken in" and then you'll see the difference. I drive a second stage 2004 EX model and are completely satisfied after 12,000 miles. I do recommend a transmission flush & fill at 10K though regardless of what the mfg. says, as it improved the shifting issue I was developing.

2005 Kia Spectra 5 2.0 from North America


I bought it over the mazda 3, VW Jetta, Toyota/Pontiac Matrix/vibe


Nothing wrong yet.

General Comments:

Sporty Feel.

Lots of Hwy and City Power.

Very Agile thru the turns.

Drivers seat is a little hard to find a comfortable position for taller drivers.

5th is a little too far of a throw for a taller driver.

Paint is unusually soft, but easy to buff out scratches.

Havn't gotten close to the listed MPG, sitting at 24mpg combined.

Reverse is a bit hard to find.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2005